Up until this point our project Austin Yellow M4 has recieved plenty of modifications, but its engine has remained stock. That changed earlier this week when we set out to sqeeze some more power out of this S55. The first order of business was swapping out the OEM exhaust with something much nicer. As has always been the case with our previous project cars, we opted to install the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System; this time we went with the carbon fiber tips. We then mated the new exhaust to a pair of Evolution Racewerks catless downpipes to create an even freer flowing system.

With the exhaust taken care of, we plugged in a Burger Motorsport JB4 tuner, filled the car up with some 100 octane fuel and strapped it to our Dynojet. We were very pleased with the results: 559whp and 605ft-lbs tq! With our mission complete, we took our monster F82 out to the streets to record some sound clips and burnouts. Take a look below to hear and see this set-up for yourself. Enjoy!

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