carbon black

  1. Carbon Black F36 435i Gran Coupe - LCI Taillight Retrofit

    LCI taillights can go a long way in updating your BMW's looks.

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  2. E46 Subframe Reinforcement

    Although slightly dated, the highly enhanced E46 body looks fantastic in all lighting conditions. The chunky arches hinting at the performance motor sitting underneath the hood bulge, the 4 subtle exhaust tips stemming from the rear, and the aggressive front bumper shown by the bottom eyelids, gives even non-car enthusiasts an idea of what the car is about. Being used like the car should, this Carbon Black E46 was in need of rear subframe reinforcement. With the entire rear underside being removed, it was a great time to upgrade all of the bushings to brand new Powerflex bushings which would ensure the prevention of any unnecessary sounds or wear from appearing from the rear for a long time.

    With the newly reinforced rear subframe, this E46 was ready to get back in to action, with its powerful StopTech brake kit. There is no doubt that this M3 look good with its bronze coated M wheels, carbon front splitters, and unique yellow headlight lens covers.

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  3. ESS VT2-500 E46 M3 Supercharger Installation

    When member Igrok decided to pull the trigger on a supercharger for his E46 M3 we were his shop of choice. Although being located 500 miles north of us we arranged to have his E46 transported to our location for the installation. Here is what Igrok had to say after he picked up his finished ESS VT2-500 supercharged M3 from us:

    "I am really enjoying the car. It's an absolute beast and I can't wait for a track day.

    I can't say enough good things about Tom and EAS. I had my car shipped to EAS from Bay Area and then I flew out to Orange County to pick up the car. Tom picked me up from the airport, explained everything about the install, ran the dyno, and showed me around the shop. This was all on a Saturday morning when EAS is normally not open. In my opinion, Tom went way out of his way to make things happen for me and it's greatly appreciated. I would recommend EAS as a vendor to anyone skeptical about the process."

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  4. Macht Schnell Motorsport Headers Installed on MFEST Widebody E46 M3

    MFEST founder "laidback" brought his Carbon Black E46 M3 to us to get the new Macht Schnell Motorsport Performance Headers installed. With dyno runs performed before and after the installation, we saw a 20hp increase to the wheels and increased power across the entire rev range. What's next for this custom widebody M3? Possibly some forced induction!

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  5. Carbon Black E46 M3 with Red ZCP Wheels

    This E46 M3 features the full Vorsteiner CSL treatment, including the front bumper, trunk and rear diffuser. The OEM BMW ZCP wheels have been powerdercoated red to create a more aggressive and track-ready appearance. We saw this M3 doing some laps with us at Buttonwillow Raceway this past weekend and it's fast!

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  6. 2012 E71 X6M Akrapovic Evolution Installation & Sound Clip

    We just love Akrapovic's exhausts. Yesterday we had the pleasure of installing their Evolution Titanium Exhaust on a brand new 2012 E71 X6M in beautiful Carbon Black Metallic. Being made entirely out of high-quality, light weight titanium, this full exhaust saves a whopping 51lbs over the stock system; a nice diet for a car weighing a little over 2½ tons. In addition to the weight loss benefits, this exhaust also increases the X6M's power output by 11hp and 11lbs-ft of torque. Retaining the dualmode exhaust flap system, the exhaust is able to sound civilized at low speeds while sounding deep and sporty in the higher RPMs. Take a minute and gaze upon the ridiculous quality, craftsmanship and detail that Akrapovic considers to be standard.

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