1. Orange E92 M3: Round 3

    If you want to know how to turn heads in an M3, look no further than Archie's custom orange E92. Every time this car comes by our shop, everyone in the office comes out to take a look. This time around Matte Black Volk Racing CE28N wheels have been installed, however there are already plans for some different Volk wheels in the very near future. A Varis VRS Carbon Fiber System 1 Diffuser now perfectly cradles the carbon fiber tipped Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust. The Ginatni lip and sideskirts complete the lower-body carbon fiber theme. Even though we see several M3s every day, this bright orange example still always captures our attention; it's hard to come across another one that matches the pure aggression and build quality.

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  2. Black E46 M3 with Magnesium Blue Volk CE28 Wheels

    The owner of this M3 has a bit of a hard time making his mind up. In the past month alone this car has been through three different sets of wheels! We're hoping that he sticks with these Magnesium Blue Volk CE28Ns for at least a month or two! The highly aggressive stance and unique color combo really makes this M3 pop.

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