1. Jet Black E90 M3 on F8X 513M Wheels

    This elegant M3 sedan is modified where it counts. Replacing the stock wheels are a set of Style 513M wheels from an F80 M3, which weigh only 19lbs for the fronts and 21lbs for the rears. Behind the 18" wheels are AP Racing big brakes mounted up to a set of KW V3 coilovers for optimal braking and handling performance. Inside, an M Performance Alcantara steering wheel and Pedal Haus aluminum pedals provide both a sportier look and feel every time the car is driven. The body has been kept simple, with just a Challenge carbon fiber race trunk, iND painted reflectors and BMW gloss black kidney grilles adorning the exterior. Enjoy.

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  2. sillieidiot's Alpine White E46 330Ci

    E46Fanatics member sillieidiot has been bringing his Alpine White 330Ci to us for the past 5 years now. During that time, we've seen this E46 change, grow and evolve into the car that it is today. Recently he stopped by for an alignment service, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to grab some new photos. Featuring a lengthy list of modifications including things like a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber trunk, AST coilovers, APEX ARX-8s and OEM M3 exterior components, this highly customized 330Ci has successfully maintained a clean, yet head-turning style. Take a look below at the photos and the full list of modifications to get some appreciation of all the work that went into building this car. If you want to dive even deeper, then check out silieidiot's very own build thread on E46Fanataics. Enjoy!

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  3. Challenge Lip Installed on Melbourne Red E92 M3

    If you're in the market for a simple yet aggressive lip, then look no further than the Challenge GT Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler. Mounted onto the stock M3 bumper, this 100% carbon fiber lip increases the front end down force, improving the car's handling and stability. The spoiler installs using the factory mounting locations, meaning that there is no drilling or modification required to achieve a perfect fit.

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  4. Brilliant White M3 Sedan

    M3Post member biglare has one of the cleanest sedans around. Featuring the BMW individual finish, Brilliant White, this M3 pops just a little bit more than usual when you see it in person. Custom v-weave carbon fiber makes its way across the car, comprising the Challenge roof, Challenge diffuser, Challenge race trunk and mirror covers. Gloss black Volk Racing VR.G2 wheels show off the custom painted Brembo GT big brake kit directly behind. The stock exhaust system was replaced with an Eisenmann race muffler and Akrapovic GT4 catless x-pipe; we could hear him pulling onto our street from our offices! An ESS supercharger boosts the power to a proper level. The interior is ablaze with custom accents, from silver carbon fiber trim to a custom Alcantara dash and headliner.

    This car isn't just for show though; this M3 regularly sees the racetrack. Here's an M3 that is living it's life to the fullest:

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  5. Challenge Sport X-Pipe Install & Dyno

    For those wanting to keep their M3 naturally aspirated, there are 3 popular bolt-on modifications that help squeeze the most power out of the S65 V8. Usually the first order of business is allowing the motor breathe easier with the Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit. This kit replaces the small paper filter with a much larger oiled cotton gauze filter, replaces the accordion style charge pipe with a larger, smoother version, and adds a pair of intake scoops behind the grills that force air directly into the air box. Next on the list would be the Macht Schnell Performance Underdrive Pulleys, which instantly reduces the parasitic drag on the motor. Finally, replacing the restrictive section of the OEM exhaust called the x-pipe with a more free flowing one, such as theChallenge Sport x-pipe, squeezes out the last bit of power. As you can see from the dyno below, these three modifications successfully gave this M3 a healthy bump of 32hp and 18tq at the wheels! A tune would easily push this M3 into the 400whp club.

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