dct shifter paddles

  1. Supercharged Sedan Track Machine

    While this Silverstone M3 may be pretty, it isn't out to grab your attention, it's out to pass you. Considering it's fitted with an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust, it really won't have much of a problem blowing by most cars on a straightaway. Even so, this E90's primary concern isn't all about straight line performance, it's about fast lap times.

    Top of the line JRZ RS Pro coilovers give this M3 its exceptional handling performance, while AP Racing front & rear big brake kits provide lap after lap of fade-free stopping power. A set of APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in sticky rubber are used when at the track, but in its street mode this E90 runs the stock ZCP wheels. For its most recent visit to our shop, we took this M3 to the next level of track performance by installing Powerflex Race bushings in the subframe and differential. These hard compound polyurethane bushings eliminate unwanted movement and deliver more power to the tarmac, providing extremely planted and confident driving dynamics.

    Just by looking at it, this subtle M3 won't give you much indication of what's underneath, so consider yourself warned now in case you happen to encounter this sedan on either the street or track. Enjoy.

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  2. Alpine White E90 M3: Back to Basics

    A lot of you will agree with us when we say that the E9X M3, even in its 100% stock form, is one of the best cars BMW ever made. However great this car is straight from the factory, there are still hundreds of ways, ranging from mild to wild, to personalize it, modify it and increase its performance. This particular Alpine White M3 ZCP came to us to get just a few of the basic modifications performed. For the exterior of this E90, we swapped the chrome kidney grilles with BMW's gloss black replacements and installed a pair of iND's painted reflectors. We also pushed the wheels out by 15mm in the front and 12mm rear with two sets of Macht Schnell competition wheel spacers. Under the hood, we installed Macht Schnell's S65B40 high performance air filter for a bit of extra horsepower. Inside, Pedal Haus extended billet DCT shifter paddles, finished in black anodizing with blue painted inserts, gives this cabin some additional color and functionality. While each of these items occupy the basic end of the modification spectrum, they all work together to create a subtle and beautiful M3 sedan.

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  3. Loud & Fast M3 Convertible

    As far as convertibles go, this particular M3 is rather aggressively modified. Under the hood you'll find the newly installed ESS VT2-650 supercharger system, which thrusts this E93 to just above the 575whp mark. Underneath the car is a Macht Schnell Race Catless X-Pipe mated to a Meistershaft Race Exhaust. Just in case you weren't sure, yes, this set-up is insanely loud! Be sure to watch the video to see for yourself. On the inside we installed bmwpedals DCT paddle shifters, bmwpedals aluminum pedals and an Awron digital gauge. On the outside, this convertible is fitted with an Arkym carbon fiber front lip, an Arkym carbon fiber rear diffuser, a Vorsteiner carbon fiber vented hood, a Vorsteiner carbon fiber trunk and an iND painted cosmetic package. To help this car handle the extra power, we installed the Ohlins Road & Track DFV coilovers and Ground Control camber plates to compliment the Brembo GT big brake kit. Matte Black ACE Design wheels finish off this Alpine White M3 with a unique touch.

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  4. Cool & Clean Alpine White E92 M3

    This beautiful M3 is equipped with a modification list that is sure to envoke envy among M3 owners. To start, this E92 is fitted with a set of KW V3 coilovers and BBS LM-R wheels for a low and wide stance. To match the OEM carbon fiber roof, this Alpine White M3 is fitted with a Mode Carbon V1 GTS front lip, Downforce USA side skirts, the Varis System 1 diffuser, a Vorsteiner vented hood and a Vorsteiner Aero trunk. Underneath the car is an Eisenmann stainless steel exhaust system featuring polished LeMans tips and a "Race" sound level. On the inside we installed the BMW Electronic Performance Alcantara steering wheel, which has a multifunctional display and integrated shift lights. bmwpedals Extended Billet DCT Paddle Shifters with red painted inserts compliment the new steering wheel.

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  5. Frozen Red M3 Gets Some Carbon Fiber

    The last time we saw this rare Frozen Red edition E92 M3 in our shop we installed an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust and BMWpedals DCT paddle shifters. This time we had the opportunity to garnish the car with some carbon fiber. In the front is Vorsteiner's GTS-V carbon fiber front lip spoiler. In the rear, the matching Vorsteiner GTS-V carbon fiber diffuser and BMW's Performance carbon fiber trunk spoiler complete the ensemble. The finished result looks great, as the Frozen Red paint contrasts beautifully with the glossy carbon weaves.

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  6. Akrapovic Evolution Space Gray M3

    For many people, the way the M3 comes from the factory is perfect. For our customers, stock usually isn't quite good enough. There is a spectrum ranging from a single modification to a fully custom build, that is necessary to make an M3 perfect in its owner's eyes. The owner of this Space Gray E92 M3 wanted to keep most of his car original, while tweaking it with his own personal tastes. First on the list was Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, its extreme weight savings and its notable power gains. The second modification is more understated: BMWPedals' billet extended DCT shifter paddles give an aggressive style and improved functionality to the OEM steering wheel. Tinted brake lights complete this car's modification list, for a clean and subtly improved E92.

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  7. X5M with Vorsteiner Lip & Diffuser

    Keeping things clean and simple, this Silverstone E70 X5M features Vorsteiner's carbon fiber front lip and rear diffuser combined with black kidney grilles and color-matched side marker gills. On the inside, we installed a set of BMWPedals' popular billet aluminum DCT shifter paddles to give the steering wheel a sportier look and feel. With just these few basic modifications, this otherwise stock X5M is given an aggressive presence worthy of its 555hp engine lying beneath the hood.

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  8. Frozen Red Edition E92 M3 Gets an Akrapovic Exhaust

    Continuing our recent theme is this beautiful, brand new Frozen Red E92 M3. With only 150 made for the US, this rare M3 features a unique matte finish Sakhir Orange paint job with a matching red stitched interior. To compliment this interior, we installed a set of black BMWPedals extended billet DCT shifter paddles with red inserts. Only the best exhaust system would do for this particular M3. That being the case, we installed Akrapovic's titanium Evolution exhaust system featuring the aggressive GT4 x-pipe and the glossy carbon fiber exhaust tips. Keeping the rest of the car stock, this E92 retains it's factory uniqueness with the added benefit of a lightweight, powerful and fantastic sounding exhaust system.

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