dga gauge

  1. ESS Powered M3

    At the time of its release, BMW purists were more or less opposed to the new M3. Arguments surrounded the fact that the V8 would make the car too heavy. Producing around 350 horsepower to the wheels, the M3 was a more than capable car for the about 1580kg (3483 lbs) curb weight, comparing to the current coupe, (F82 M4) which has a curb weight of about 1497kg (3300 lbs). The F82 has about 425 horsepower however. Lucky for the owner of this M3, we fitted it was an ESS VT2-625 Supercharger system. The VT2-625 adds quite a significant amount of horsepower, rising the roughly 350whp to about 530whp on this car, making a nearly 50% horsepower increase at about 7 PSI.

    Having a device to display information like boost or oil pressure or various temperatures is essential when having a supercharger in your car. The Awron DGA Guage is the all in one display that does just that. This 20-in-1 gauge is the perfect option for track enthusiasts, supercharged cars or for those just wanting to add some flair and functionality to the M3's interior!

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  2. One Sick M

    If you spend a bit of time on any online BMW forum, you'll begin to realize the crazy amount of competition that exists among modified M3s. Making it to the top requires careful planning and execution. This Monte Carlo Blue Individual E92 is certainly a contender to be a lot of people's perfect M3, so let's see why. Besides its rare color, one of the first things you'll probably notice are the 20" HRE 590RS wheels mounted in front of massive color-matched Brembo brakes. That combo on its own is already pretty sweet, but let's keep going. Obviously this M3 is lowered, but it's not just lowered on a set springs; KW Clubsport coilovers provide this E92 with a custom ride height and tuned handling.

    Lift the aluminum hood and you'll be greeted by a beautifully painted ESS VT2-625 supercharger system. Combined with the Akrapovic Evolution full titanium exhaust system, this high-reviving supercharged V8 wont feel even the slightest bit threatened around its younger, twin-turbo I6 siblings. With the introduction of boost, a boost gauge was required; the Awron gauge provided the cleanest and most functional solution for this particular car. Additional information is displayed on the M Performance steering wheel's screen, while the rest of the cockpit has been upgraded in a proper way. Custom painted Performance seats, custom stitched floor mats, carbon fiber, billet aluminum and Alcantara bits give this M3 the oxymoronic feel of a luxury race car.

    The exterior has been subtly adorned with a Mode Carbon front lip and an M Performance trunk spoiler, which features a color-matched pin-stripe, while the quad Akrapovic exhaust tips add the final touches of carbon fiber. In the end, this M3 is high-end, beautiful, functional, meticulously thought-out and insanely fast. This is one sick M indeed.

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  3. Yas Marina Blue M4 gets an Awron and a New Stance

    For the past few weeks we've been absolutely inundated with modifying SoCal's newest F8X M3s & M4s, but we're not complaining! Of this recent influx, this beautiful Yas Marina Blue 6MT M4 is the latest to roll out of our facility. Like most other M4 drivers that come to our shop, the owner of this F82 really wanted a more aggressive stance for the car. To accomplish this, a set of H&R sport lowering springs in conjunction with 15mm Macht Schnell spacers brings the car closer to the ground while pushing the wheels out to their proper positions. To clean up the exterior, we installed iND's Yas Marina Blue painted front reflectors, rear reflectors and keyhole cover. Last, but definitely not least, this M4 received the very cool Awron DGA gauge. Enjoy.

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  4. Awron Gauge Installed in M4

    We've installed many of these Awron gauges in supercharged E9X M3s before, but this was the very first that we have installed in the new M4. Like all the other Awron gauges, this model, which fits the F30 3-Series, F32/F33 4-Series, F80 M3, and the F82/F83 M4, is expertly pre-assembled into an OEM BMW vent. The sharp, full color OLED display presents a wide array of real time data, which is controlled using the steering wheel buttons for quick, on the fly commands. We really like how this gauge flows with BMW's new interior - it really looks like a factory option! Check out the photos below and click on the product link to see all the cool features of this awesome little gauge.

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  5. Laguna Seca Blue Widebody M3 gets an Awron Gauge

    As far as M3s go, you can't really be much more modified than this Laguna Seca Blue E92. Featuring modifications like a Liberty Walk widebody kit, a custom LTMW front bumper, an ESS VT1-550 supercharger system, an Akrapovic exhaust, massive Work wheels, a StopTech big brake kit, KW Clubsport coilovers, Recaro seats, a roll cage, aggressive carbon fiber front & rear spoilers and more, this M3 is by definition an absolute head turner. Yesterday we had the opportunity to further modify this M3 by installing Awron's top of the line DGA Kompressor 2 gauge. Able to display real time boost, horsepower, torque, velocity, g-forces, intake temp, exhaust temp, water temp, oil temp, transmission temp, differential temp, air/fuel ratio, acceleration, voltage, fuel pressure and oil pressure, this do-it-all Awron unit was the perfect match for this wild M3. Enjoy.

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  6. Awron Gauge Installed in E46 M3

    We had the opportunity to install Awron's digital gauge display in a supercharged E46 M3 recently. The color OLED touch screen display is expertly pre-assembled into a BMW air duct piece for the most seamless and OEM-like gauge on the market. A variety of real time data such as boost pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, intake temperature, exhaust temperature, air/fuel ratio, voltage, g-meter, acceleration timer and more make this the ultimate all-in-one aftermarket gauge set-up for the E46 M3.

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  7. Awron Gauge Installed in Supercharged E90 M3

    Last week we installed an ESS VT2-585 supercharger into this M3 sedan; this week we installed the new Awron DGA gauge display. Seamlessly integrating into the M3's elegant interior the Awron gauge displays a huge selection of real time data, including boost pressure, oil temp, water temp, 0-60 times, horsepower and more. With this supercharged sedan making regular visits to the track, having all this information at hand is vital.

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  8. Awron DGA Gauge Display

    The Awron DGA Gauge is an all-in-one display unit that presents a wide array of real time data for BMWs. Featuring a sharp, full color OLED display, the Awron DGA gauge is controlled using the factory steering wheel buttons for on the fly commands. All Awron gauges ship expertly pre-assembled into an OEM air duct piece. The effect is stunning, creating an OEM look and feel that is hard to distinguish from BMW's own quality.

    We are the exclusive North American importers of Awron gauges. Locals are free to stop by our shop and check out the unit installed in our M3. 

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