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  1. Midnight Frost Klassen Wheels Installed on our Austin Yellow M4

    The latest addition to our Austin Yellow M4 are these beautiful new Midnight Frost finish wheels. Manufactured by Klassen, these CS05T wheels feature fully forged aluminum construction to keep their strength up and their weight down. Klassen prides themselves on their meticulous attention to detail, and it really shows. The concave CS05T face has extensive machining work throughout, creating an aggressive and original design. Check out how they look mounted up on our F82. Enjoy!

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  2. Frozen Blue M3 Gets Forgestar CF5V Wheels

    In its most recent visit to our shop, everyone's favorite Frozen Blue M3 got a fresh set of wheels. Previously equipped with a set of Forgestar F14s, the owner of this E92 wanted to change things up just a bit. Like his F14s, these new CF5Vs are finished in a similar gunmetal color and feature an aggressive, concave profile. Other new additions to this car include the Mode Carbon side skirts along with the custom LTMW 1M style front bumper. Enjoy.

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