Part of being a vendor is extensively testing the parts we offer to the public. While most manufacturers do provide their own specifications, putting the extra effort in testing gives us an in-depth experience of each manufacturers components so we can validate claims. We then share this info with both manufacturers and public to get a better understanding and back up claims with real world results and experience.

When an invite was extended for a private track day at Famoso, we immediately jumped on the opportunity. The M3 is not the best drag platform, but holds its own pretty well. With California having a relatively dry winter, conditions were optimal to expect some pretty good times. With some traction control issues, we were eventually able to crack a couple of low 11 second runs, almost dipping into the 10s. Best Time/MPH is as follows:

Best 60ft: 1.848
Best 1/4mi: 11.004
Best MPH: 130.40MPH

You read that right,.004 seconds from entering 10-second territory! Not too shabby for a street driven vehicle, especially seeing that MPHs we were pulling.

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