1. Vorsteiner V-FF 103 for Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

    Commonly modified is the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG; however these are becoming more and more dated as time goes by and Mercedes continues to launch newer higher performance model vehicles. What kinds of modifications are brought to mind when owning a C63? Other EAS customers have covered many different attributes of the car such as suspension and engine. Companies like Weistech come in handy for these types of modifications, to improve overall performance figures.

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  2. Renntech Tuned E63 AMG on our Dyno & Scales

    This unassuming E63 AMG recently impressed us while strapped to our Dynojet. While it might look stock on the outside, this luxury sedan is actually a monster. Equipped with the Renntech Intermediate ECU tune,  BMC performance air filters and RADO catless downpipes, this beastly twin-turbo V8 managed to put down a staggering 630 HP and 735 LB-FT TQ at the wheels! We've actually had the opportunity to race this particular car in our supercharged M3 at last years Shift S3ctor event... we lost. After the dyno session, we put this E63 on our scales and recorded a weight of  4241 LBS and a nearly 50/50 weight distribution. From our own experiences, we know first hand that this car is not meant to be toyed with.

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