1. EAS AC Schnitzer ACS4 M4

    Here at EAS we decided to kick off the summer with a whole new look!

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  2. Fire Orange E63 M6 Gets Benchmarked

    Here's a unique color: Fire Orange. This custom wrapped E63 M6 coupe came to us looking to add power to match its fast looks. We installed an ESS tune on it which maximizes the performance of the S85 V10 engine. Next, we strapped it to our Dynojet dyno to find out exactly how much power this car put to the ground. In combination with the RPI Scoops, RPI Full Exhaust, RD Underdrive Pulleys, and BMC Air Filter, this bright M6 churned out a respectable 472hp and 354ft-lbs tq at the wheels. We can't wait for what the owner plans next for his Fire Orange beauty. Enjoy!

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  3. Macht Schnell X-Pipe Installed on Frozen Blue M3

    Everyone's favorite Frozen Blue M3 returned to our facility to squeeze some more power and sound out of its S65. The OEM x-pipe, with its primary and secondary catalytic converters, is the most restrictive component of the M3's exhaust system. By replacing it with a Macht Schnell Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe, the restrictive catalytic converters are removed and the exhaust gasses flow much more freely. This not only results in an instant increase of power and torque, but also sound (watch the video below to hear it for yourself). Extracting even more performance out of this E92, we also went ahead and installed an ESS E-Flash ECU Performance Tune, which increases power and torque, raises the rev limiter, reprograms the throttle management and gets rid of the 155mph governor.

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  4. Sleek & Dark Jet Black E92 M3

    Unlike Alpine White, Jet Black is rather uncommon among the E9X M3s around here. This dark E92 features the OEM ZCP wheels (which have been powdercoated in a gunmetal finish) that are aggressively spaced out with a set of Macht Schnell wheel spacers. To further improve the widened stance of the car, this M3 is riding on the popular B&G S2 springs, which lower the car 1.0" in the front and 0.5" in the rear. In the rear, an Arkym carbon fiber diffuser shrouds the polished stainless steel Eisenmann race exhaust. Giving this M3 an extra dosage of power are the Macht Schnell Stage 2 intake system, Macht Schnell pulleys, Macht Schnell track pipes and an ESS E-Flash tune. Our H8 LED angel eyes and IND's painted cosmetic package finish the exterior of this M3.

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