e-tronic tuner

  1. Return of the Imola Red F80

    Named after the Imola F1 track in San Marino, Italy, Imola Red emerged due to Ralf Schumacher of Germany scoring his first win with BMW Williams in his FW-23. First seen on the E46, the color has become an icon for BMW M cars. Here at EAS we absolutely love the look of an Imola Red E92 M3, but seeing the paint on the F80 M3 always blows us away. Why aren’t there more new M3s with this color roaming about? Because the paint is only available through BMW’s Individual program.

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  2. Mineral White F80 M3 - Plug in Tunability

    In pursuit of a gain in power output from this M3s already very capable engine, we equipped it with an ESS Tuning E-Tronic Tuner. The E-Tronic Tuner instantly adds 50-60 wheel horsepower and wheel torque. Unlike other products on the market, the E-Tronic is a sophisticated multi-channel controller that has RPM and MAF integration. This allows for full control of boost at all RPM ranges and proper AFR calibrations. All of this without having to splice a single wire. Calibrations are pre-set so once the E-Tronic is installed; the car is ready to go.

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  3. Exhaust Tuning an M4

    This M4 gives a stock appearance however, quite the opposite is true. There are many parts to a complete exhaust system, but downpipes are a quick upgrade that can also increase performance. We installed Evolution Racewerks Downpipes on this M4 also adding as ESS E-Tronic Tuner and Macht Schnell Exhaust Valve Control Module. Whether you want your exhaust to be loud or quiet, the Macht Schnell EVC Module allows for full control over the exhaust at the touch of a button. A large horsepower increase of 50-60 whp is readily made available with the ESS E-Tronic Tuner that we installed in this car. Thanks to the E-Tronic, which has a sophisticated multi channel controller that has RPM and MAF integration, there is full control of boost at all RPM ranges and proper AFR calibrations that don't require splicing in to any factory wiring.

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  4. ESS Tune & Eisenmann Exhaust Installed on Black Sapphire M4

    Last week Bimmerpost member GOLFFRR brought his beautiful Black Sapphire F82 to our shop for some additional power and sound. Wanting to maintain the blacked-out appearance of his M4, he opted for the Eisenmann Black Series performance exhaust system. Featuring a uniquely shaped muffler that hides behind the bumper, resonated midpipes and laser-etched signature tips, the Eisenmann exhaust system is the latest addition to the F8X market. Along with the new exhaust we also installed the ESS E-Tronic tuner, which is a simple plug-n-play tuning solution that unlocks the hidden potential of the S55. On the dyno, this M4 not only sounded awesome (watch the video below), but it put down some nice power: 454hp and 463ft-lbs torque at the wheels! Now that this M4 has the speed and sound to match its sinister looks, it will surely be snapping onlookers' necks everywhere it goes. Enjoy!

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  5. Black Sapphire M4 Gets a Tune & a Drop

    Ever since BMW did away with the naturally aspirated S65 V8 and introduced the twin-turbo S55 I6, it has become much easier and cost effective to extract additional power from the F8X platform. Wih the E9X M3, the only real way to make big power was to install a supercharger system; now with the F8X, all one needs to do is plug in a tuner. Wanting some extra ponies, this brand new Black Sapphire M4 came to our facility to get the latest ESS E-Tronic tuner installed. Having extensive experience in tuning and supercharging BMWs, ESS created this simple pre-calibrated, plug 'n play solution that instantly adds 50-60hp & 50-60tq at the wheels! Along with the tune, this F82 also received a set of H&R lowering springs, Macht Schnell spacers, iND painted reflectors and BMW gloss black kidney grilles. The end result is a fast, sleek and aggressive M4 that's ready to play with its new found power.

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