1. 1997 Estoril Blue E36 M3

    Known to some as the pinnacle of BMW Motoring cars, the E36 M3 is a great platform that can never be forgotten.

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  2. Three Generations of the M3

    We noticed that we randomly had three generations of M3 coupes on our lifts (in consecutive, chronological order nonetheless), so we snapped a quick photo.

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  3. E36 M3 with a Corvette LS3 V8

    Here's quite an effective way of getting a ton of power and torque out of an older M3...

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  4. Bimmerfest E36 M3 gets a VF Supercharger System

    From eurotuner.com:

    Our friend Jon Shafer from the Bimmerfest organization (the company behind the best BMW shows in the US) has owned a ’99 E36 M3 for the last seven years. In his own words he “needed to perk up” his relationship with the car. So after fantasizing about a VF-Engineering supercharger at Bimmerfest for the past few years, he went ahead and had European Auto Source in Anaheim, CA install the conversion.

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  5. Mr. 5's Black E36 325i

    Anyone who takes a single look at this car would instantly say that it's an E36 M3 sedan. Not so. This is actually a 325i bought at an auction for only $2300! Since then it has been continually upgraded and maintained by Mr. 5 to get to it's current M3-like status. Scroll down to see a list of just some of the work that's been done.

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