1. E91 M3?

    These days you don’t have to look hard for a custom ride. Car modifying has been around for years and as technology advances, so does the automotive aftermarket industry. Although, sometimes a build isn’t constructed with entirely aftermarket parts. As a matter of fact, some builds are pieced together to be made in to another model within the same manufacturer!

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  2. Jet Black E91 328i Gets Supercharged

    Don't be fooled by the wagon body and roof rack, because at its core this 328i is a true driver's car. Equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission, ST coilovers, APEX wheels and a custom catless exhaust system, this Jet Black E91 came to us in a search for more power. In its naturally aspirated form this car put down 229hp and 211ft-lbs tq at the wheels during its first dyno session. To bump those numbers up, we installed the just released ESS N52 supercharger system. Once everything was bolted-on and the ECU was flashed we strapped it down to our dyno for a second time, where it recorded 288hp and 247ft-lbs tq! That's a 25% increase in power to the wheels. To put those numbers in perspective, we've seen E46 M3s put down nearly identical figures on the very same dyno; in fact when our technician test drove it, he commented that it felt almost exactly like an E46 M3. With its new-found sleeper power, sporty looks and undeniable utility, this is probably one of the coolest BMWs we've worked on. Enjoy!

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