1. Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust Installed on a Supercharged M3

    A couple weeks ago we installed an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and a set of HRE wheels on this Alpine White M3. Yesterday it returned for an exhaust upgrade. Wanting only the best products for his E92, this customer opted for the Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system, which features high-flow cats, an incredibly lightweight design and an exotic exhaust note. After completing the installation, we strapped this supercharged coupe to our dyno to see if it picked up any additional power. With the stock exhaust system this M3 previously recorded 537whp and 350wtq; with the Akrapovic, it recorded 562whp and 365wtq for a gain of 25whp and 15wtq! This single modification improved almost every aspect of this E92, including weight, sound, looks and power. Check out the video below to hear this beastly M3 in action. Enjoy!

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  2. Alpine White M3 Sedan Gets An Akrapovic Exhaust

    For its very first modification this Alpine White F80 got a new exhaust. Wanting only the highest quality parts on his car, the owner of this M3 had us install the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system. Crafted entirely from lightweight titanium and carbon fiber, the Akrapovic drops a good chunk of weight off the car while making the S55 sound both louder and deeper. With the modbug biting this hard the first time, we doubt this is the last time we'll be seeing this sedan. Enjoy.

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  3. We Give our Austin Yellow M4 Some Extra Power

    Up until this point our project Austin Yellow M4 has recieved plenty of modifications, but its engine has remained stock. That changed earlier this week when we set out to sqeeze some more power out of this S55. The first order of business was swapping out the OEM exhaust with something much nicer. As has always been the case with our previous project cars, we opted to install the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System; this time we went with the carbon fiber tips. We then mated the new exhaust to a pair of Evolution Racewerks catless downpipes to create an even freer flowing system.

    With the exhaust taken care of, we plugged in a Burger Motorsport JB4 tuner, filled the car up with some 100 octane fuel and strapped it to our Dynojet. We were very pleased with the results: 559whp and 605ft-lbs tq! With our mission complete, we took our monster F82 out to the streets to record some sound clips and burnouts. Take a look below to hear and see this set-up for yourself. Enjoy!

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  4. Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust Installed on M4

    Having home-court advantage to Akrapovic's North American facilities, we work very closely with the company and were able to provide installation and collect some data on the new Evolution system for the F8X M3 & M4 platform. Akrapovic's newly-acquired M4 had just completed getting vinyl wrapped and needed a system installed right away.

    As expected from Akrapovic, the systems are very high quality and constructed from full titanium. Everything needed is included with the Evolution systems for a bolt on installation, and installation was a breeze. There are two options of exhaust tips: carbon fiber or titanium. For this M4 we installed the carbon fiber tips, which also feature polished titanium just under the 2x2 weave.To complete the installation, we also replaced the stock diffuser with Akrapovic's matching carbon fiber diffuser.

    Because it's made from titanium, this exhaust weighs 25.5lbs less than the OEM steel version. This system has a very throaty and exotic exhaust note while retaining the S55's signature sound. It's also a little louder than other Akrapovic Evolution exhaust systems that we've installed; it's not overbearing, just aggressive. On the dyno we recorded a peak gain of 7whp on 91 octane, this can mean a couple of things: 1) The BMW factory exhaust is very efficient, or 2) The choke point likely is further up at the downpipes. Watch the dyno video below to hear the exhaust for yourself and check out all these photos from the installation. Enjoy!

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  5. Akrapovic Exhaust Systems for F80 M3 & F82 M4

    Akrapovic has been teasing us with these photos and videos of their titanium exhaust systems for the new F8X M3 & M4. If we've learned anything from installing the dozens of Akrapovic exhausts on E9X M3s, E82 1Ms, F10 M5s and F13 M6s, it's that Akrapovic's systems are more like jewelery than just regular car parts. The quality, fit and finish are top notch; absolutely second to none. And because they're completely made from titanium, they produce their own unique sound and save a bunch of weight compared to other steel systems. All the same will definitely be true for the M3/M4 line-up, which consists of a slip-on version, a full version (Evolution), stainless steel catless downpipes and even a carbon fiber diffuser! As always, customers will be able to choose between titanium tips or carbon fiber tips at no additional cost.

    We're sure we'll be installing quite a few of these new Akrapovic systems when they're released in the near future, but for now, these teaser photos and videos will have to do. Enjoy!

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  6. Supercharged Sedan Track Machine

    While this Silverstone M3 may be pretty, it isn't out to grab your attention, it's out to pass you. Considering it's fitted with an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system and an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust, it really won't have much of a problem blowing by most cars on a straightaway. Even so, this E90's primary concern isn't all about straight line performance, it's about fast lap times.

    Top of the line JRZ RS Pro coilovers give this M3 its exceptional handling performance, while AP Racing front & rear big brake kits provide lap after lap of fade-free stopping power. A set of APEX ARC-8 wheels wrapped in sticky rubber are used when at the track, but in its street mode this E90 runs the stock ZCP wheels. For its most recent visit to our shop, we took this M3 to the next level of track performance by installing Powerflex Race bushings in the subframe and differential. These hard compound polyurethane bushings eliminate unwanted movement and deliver more power to the tarmac, providing extremely planted and confident driving dynamics.

    Just by looking at it, this subtle M3 won't give you much indication of what's underneath, so consider yourself warned now in case you happen to encounter this sedan on either the street or track. Enjoy.

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  7. Cleanly & Aggressively Modded E92 M3

    This Alpine White M3 coupe came to us for an exhaust and suspension upgrade. The first item we installed on this E92 was the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System, which not only makes a fantastic sound, but also increases power and decreases weight. The laser engraved titanium tips also do a much better job of filling out the Arkym Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. More carbon fiber is found in the Arkym trunk, the hood, the front lip and custom headlight housings. Next we replaced the stock suspension with the KW V3 Coilover System, allowing us to dial in the perfect ride height to show off the beautiful BBS LM wheels. Speaking of the BBS LMs, take a close look at the awesome matching red BBS Racing Lugs. IND painted reflectors along with black side marker gills and kidney grilles get rid of the stock orange & chrome pieces. The end result is a cleanly and aggressively modified E92 M3.

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  8. Black Sapphire M6 Upgrades to Akrapovic

    The F13 M6 is a harmonious blend of luxurious comfort and sporty performance. While its stock exhaust system is pretty decent, it was obviously designed to be more comfortable than sporty. Recognizing this, the owner of this Black Sapphire M6 coupe decided to upgrade the stock exhaust to something much better: the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust system. Made entirely out of aircraft grade titanium, the Evolution system instantly saves 27lbs and gains 10hp/12.5tq. The exhaust note is dramatically improved, allowing the S63tu to show off its beastly nature while still maintaining the stock Valvetronic system. To top everything off the exhaust is just beautiful; the larger polished titanium tips give the rear a more aggressive, filled-out look. Enjoy.

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  9. Modded Alpine White X5M

    Coming to us all the way from Las Vegas is this highly modified Alpine White X5M. Featuring a set of lowering springs, forged wheels, an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, a carbon fiber hood, a custom BMW Performance steering wheel, ///M stripe decals and more, this aggressive E70 definitely stands out from the crowd.

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  10. Famoso Drag Strip Results: Just .004 Away From 10-Second Territory!

    Part of being a vendor is extensively testing the parts we offer to the public. While most manufacturers do provide their own specifications, putting the extra effort in testing gives us an in-depth experience of each manufacturers components so we can validate claims. We then share this info with both manufacturers and public to get a better understanding and back up claims with real world results and experience.

    When an invite was extended for a private track day at Famoso, we immediately jumped on the opportunity. The M3 is not the best drag platform, but holds its own pretty well. With California having a relatively dry winter, conditions were optimal to expect some pretty good times. With some traction control issues, we were eventually able to crack a couple of low 11 second runs, almost dipping into the 10s. Best Time/MPH is as follows:

    Best 60ft: 1.848
    Best 1/4mi: 11.004
    Best MPH: 130.40MPH

    You read that right,.004 seconds from entering 10-second territory! Not too shabby for a street driven vehicle, especially seeing that MPHs we were pulling.

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