fender gills

  1. Moonstone Metallic F06 M6 Loses Its Chrome

    This stunning M6 Gran Coupe came to us to get rid of its chrome exterior pieces. Already featuring a set of gloss black competition wheels, the owner of this Moonstone Metallic / Platinum F06 wanted to give the car a more coherent and aggressive style. Expertly painted by IND in Chicago, we replaced the stock kidney grilles, side marker gills and trunk badge with their gloss black counterparts. The changes might be too subtle for some people to notice, but for the BMW enthusiast, they really do make all the difference in the world. Take a couple minutes to marvel at this prime example of BMW's flagship ///M car. Enjoy.

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  2. Alpine White M6 Gran Coupe

    Not much really needs to be done to make an M6 Gran Coupe look stunning. This brand new stock Alpine White F06 came to us to get the basics modifications out of the way. The complete line-up of IND's painted pieces replaced the OEM front reflectors, chrome kidney grilles, chrome fender gilles and chrome trunk badge for a cleaner and more aggressive appearance.

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