frozen blue

  1. The BMW i8

    “Through its overall concept, the BMW i8 embodies the accomplished vision of a modern and sustainable sports car. The highly emotive design instantly shows which qualities the BMW i8 has to offer. Yet it doesn’t rely entirely on its sports car character. Its aesthetics also pursue functional aims: more aerodynamics for maximum efficiency.”

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  2. Frozen Blue M3 Gets Forgestar CF5V Wheels

    In its most recent visit to our shop, everyone's favorite Frozen Blue M3 got a fresh set of wheels. Previously equipped with a set of Forgestar F14s, the owner of this E92 wanted to change things up just a bit. Like his F14s, these new CF5Vs are finished in a similar gunmetal color and feature an aggressive, concave profile. Other new additions to this car include the Mode Carbon side skirts along with the custom LTMW 1M style front bumper. Enjoy.

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  3. Macht Schnell X-Pipe Installed on Frozen Blue M3

    Everyone's favorite Frozen Blue M3 returned to our facility to squeeze some more power and sound out of its S65. The OEM x-pipe, with its primary and secondary catalytic converters, is the most restrictive component of the M3's exhaust system. By replacing it with a Macht Schnell Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe, the restrictive catalytic converters are removed and the exhaust gasses flow much more freely. This not only results in an instant increase of power and torque, but also sound (watch the video below to hear it for yourself). Extracting even more performance out of this E92, we also went ahead and installed an ESS E-Flash ECU Performance Tune, which increases power and torque, raises the rev limiter, reprograms the throttle management and gets rid of the 155mph governor.

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  4. Downforce USA Diffuser Installed on Frozen Blue M3

    The latest carbon fiber to be installed on everyone's favorite Frozen Blue Edition M3 is the Downforce USA 3-Piece Rear Diffuser. The large main diffuser piece features an aggressive design that extends deep under the car and wraps around the mufflers. Two matching carbon fiber rear side skirts complete the motorsport inspired look and further improve the car's aerodynamics. What's next for this unique E92? Stay tuned and you might just see the Downforce USA carbon fiber side skirts installed as well.

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  5. Mode Carbon V1 GTS Lip Installed on E92 M3

    From it's previous visits to our shop, this Frozen Blue M3 has gotten wheels, suspension, exhaust and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. During its most recent visit, we installed the Mode Carbon V1 GTS front lip spoiler. Made using 1x1 weave carbon fiber, this glossy front lip matches the OEM carbon fiber roof perfectly. The integrated design gives the front end an aggressive, track-ready demeanor without sacrificing too much ground clearance. Along with the new lip, this M3 also features the GMG Motorsports "No Holes" license plate bracket, which conveniently mounts to the tow hook receptacle for a clean, drill-free installation.

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  6. Frozen Blue M3 on Forgestar F14s

    Here's another Frozen Edition M3 that we've seen before. This time around, this rare Frozen Blue E92 shows off a set of super-deep concave Forgestar F14 wheels. Reminiscent of the CSL wheel that every BMW enthusiast seems to love, the F14 takes the classic styling to a new level by incorporating one of the most concave faces on the market. Finished in matte gunmetal, this aggressive wheel set is the perfect match for this beautiful M3.

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  7. Frozen Blue Edition E92 M3

    Today we had the rare opportunity of having not just one, but three Frozen color E92s at our shop. This Frozen Blue M3 came to us for a set of H&R Race lowering springs and Macht Schnell wheel spacers. This combination of modifications works together to not only improve the car's handling performance, but also give the car an aggressive and sporty stance. With it's new drop and wide footprint, this unique matte blue finish M3 is ready to turn heads wherever it goes.

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  8. Frozen Blue VF620 Supercharged E90 M3 in the Studio

    Nathan's 2008 M3 Estoril Blue Matte Sedan is definitely one of a kind - and equally quick to boot with its VF620 Supercharger system sitting quietly underneath the hood. The custom Matte Estoril Blue color is reminiscent to M3s in the past, and looking just as good in the present.

    Expect to see Nate's M3 at MFEST in Las Vegas next week, ripping it up on the track!

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  9. Frozen Blue E90 VF620 Photoshoot

    This sedan is a great example of an M3 that has had almost everything done to it. The first modification that everyone will notice is the perfectly smooth matte Estoril blue paint job done by C&C Collision in Pasadena. To compliment the custom paint job and create an aggressive look the following Vorsteiner parts have been installed: VRS Aero Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid, GTS3 Front Bumper & Carbon Fiber Splitter, and a VRS Aero Type II Carbon Fiber Diffuser. To really make this car one of a kind, the Challenge Carbon Fiber Roof Panel for E90 Sedan was installed, modified to fit the sunroof, and finished with a matte clear coat so it matched the rest of the car. The same matte clear-coat has been applied to the BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Mirrors. Matte carbon fiber 360 Forged wheels and a set of H&R lowering springs give this sedan the proper stance.

    When this much is done to the aesthetics of a car, it only makes sense to match the performance. Taking care of the power is VF Engineering's VF620 supercharger system, which pushes this M3 past the 500 wheel hp mark. More power means bigger brakes: 6-piston front, 4-piston rear Brembo GT big brake kits take care of stopping this beast. To make it sound more alive, the OEM mufflers were replaced with RPI mufflers.

    This is a real head turner. Check out all the photos below!

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