frozen white

  1. Frozen Brilliant White Metallic E92

    On occasion we see Frozen White cars, but how about Frozen Brilliant White, and on an E92 nonetheless?

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  2. The Works for a Frozen White M3 Sedan

    Most of our customers modify their cars in multiple stages, having us install one or two parts during each visit. Others, like the owner of this Frozen White wrapped E90 M3, want everything done in one fell swoop. So many components of this 2008 M3 have been replaced or upgraded that it's essentially a brand new car. It really did get the works.

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  3. Frozen White M6 Convertible Gets Spacers

    The first thing on this brand new Frozen White M6's agenda was to get rid of the "sunken in" wheel look. A set of 12mm spacers in the front and rear did the perfect job of pushing the wheels out to their proper position. While a 24mm increase in width it may seem imperceptibly small, in reality it makes all the difference in the world on a car like this.

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  4. Frozen White M5 Gets Vorsteiner Wheels and Gruppe M Intake

    We first saw this Frozen White M5 at our shop when we installed a full exhaust, spacers and springs (see the blog post here). This time around we had the opportunity of installing a set of 21" Vorsteiner VS-310 wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Supersports. Featuring the Brushed Dark Shadow finish these forged 3-piece wheels show off their aircraft-grade brushed aluminum and sharp beveled edges. With the larger diameter wheels filling the fender wells, this F10 looks even more commanding than before.

    The second order of business was installing the Gruppe M intake. Providing increased airflow and quicker turbo spooling, this Japanese made intake also dresses the engine bay in glossy 1x1 carbon fiber. This intake also sounds great; the twin turbos are noticeable even when driving in a parking lot. With its individual paint job, top-of-the-line modifications and aggressive stance, this M5 will attract attention wherever it goes.

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  5. Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust Installed on Frozen White F10 M5

    Last week we teased you by showing off Akrapovic's Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips before installing them. Now that we have installed them the end result seems to be a match made in heaven. The smooth matte finished carbon fiber and titanium exhaust is a perfect pairing for the matte Frozen White painted M5. Completing the theme are a set of matte black painted kidney grills and fender gills along with custom matte finished tail lights. Macht Schnell spacers and H&R springs give this unique F10 its properly aggressive stance. This M5 is a legitimate head turner, catching the attention of the observer's eyes as well as their ears.

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  6. VF620 Supercharged Vorsteiner GTRS5 Widebody M3

    Being in Southern California we get the opportunity to see modded M3s come in on a daily basis. While most M3s seem to follow a similar style in their modifications, there are a few that make their own rules.

    This is one of those M3s. At first this E92 might look like it's built all for show, but underneath it's wild exterior is a beast capable of breaking loose the monstrous 325 width rear tires. Take a look at the modification list below to see what's really going on.

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  7. Frozen White Vorsteiner GTRS5 E92 M3

    To commemorate the retiring of the E92 M3, Vorsteiner introduces the next generation of GTRS series widebody conversions. The GTRS5 commands attention with its presence on the road or track. Its unmistakable race car stance is true to the heritage of the GTRS3 but has its own distinct characteristics.

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