1. Source Code - A European Car Magazine Feature

    Make sure to grab the latest issue (April 2014) of European Car Magazine to check out our 5-page article! Featuring our supercharged Z4M and supercharged E92 M3, the article gives an inside look of what we do here. We were given the opportunity to take the photos ourselves, so we took the cars out to El Mirage Dry Lake Bed and got lucky with the most beautiful sunset anyone could ask for. For your enjoyment we've posted some of the photos, but be sure to grab a hard copy of the magazine too!

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  2. Supercharged TiAg E46 M3 on 57 Motorsport Wheels

    If angular, concave wheels are your thing, then the 57 Motorsport G07EX wheels by Rays Engineering are probably right up your alley. This Titanium Silver E46 M3 features a super aggressive set finished in Matte Black for an extremely low and wide stance. The open face spoke pattern shows off the bright red Brembo brakes that lurk behind. This car also combines plenty of "go" with the "show", as it is equipped with a VF Engineering VF570 supercharger system under the hood.

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  3. EAS Project Z4M Update

    Our project Z4M got its latest round of mods just in time for Bimmerfest this year. Following its recent 525hp ESS supercharger installation, we installed a black StopTech big brake kit in the front and rear, satin black 19" Rays 57 Motorsport wheels and APR Performance's newest carbon fiber front wind splitter. This E86 M car is really coming together; very few other BMWs that we've had the opportunity of driving provide a similar level of feedback, handling and fun all in one package. While this Z4M is built primarily with weekend trackdays in mind, it's so fun to drive that it commutes to the eas office everyday. Enjoy.

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