1. Highly Modified Black 335i Sedan

    Featuring a rather lenghty list of performance modifications, this 2008 335i packs a real punch. Under the hood this N54 is equipped with pretty much all the bolt-ons, including twin oil coolers, a large intercooler, stage 2 ECU tune, blow-off valve, charge pipe, dual cone intake, catless downpipes, a full exhaust system and more. Don't go thinking that this 335i is only good in a straight line, the entire suspension has had a major overhaul as well, including a full OEM M3 suspension component swap paired with a set of KW V2 coilovers. Hidden below, a limited slip differential further improves this car's handling. A carbon fiber CSL style trunk and finned diffuser give some modern styling to the rear while a custom made F12 650i bumper helps feed additional air into the oil coolers while giving the car a more aggressive front end. The car is completed with a set of 19" diamond black BBS LM wheels for a clean and classic look. Enjoy.

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  2. Joe's 400whp M3 sleeper has hit the streets!

    sleep·er /ˈslēpər/

    A person or animal who is asleep.
    A person with a specified sleep pattern: "he was a light sleeper".
    A term often referring to what appears to be a ordinary looking stock vehicle that is anything but stock under the hood.

    A sleeper (US English) or Q-car (British English) is a car that has high performance and an unassuming exterior. Sleeper cars are termed such because their exterior looks little or no different from a standard or economy-class car. In some cases the car appears worse due to seeming neglect on the owner's part, typically referred to as "all go and no show". While appearing to be a standard or neglected car, internally they are modified to perform at much higher performance levels.

    We're particularly a big fan of sleepers, it seems the 400whp barrier has been broken, with a new beast is now hitting the streets.

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