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  1. F82 M4 - 3D Design, BBS Wheels, Brembo, Gruppe M, JRZ Suspension

    F82 M4 - 3D Design, BBS Wheels, Brembo, Gruppe M, JRZ Suspension

    There are many worlds within the world of car enthusiasts. There are those who love getting in as much track time as possible. There are those who just want to look good rolling down the street during a Sunday drive. Some people do a bit of both. The owner of this M4 has very discriminating taste in vehicle modification. This build went through many changes since then as it picked up parts from CSF, 3D Design and Gruppe M! Scroll down below to get a good look at this handsome warrior of an M4!

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  2. Alpine White F87 M2 - RKP Rear Diffuser

    The carbon fiber is strong with this one

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  3. Gruppe M Carbon Fiber Intake Installed on a 1M

    This Alpine White 1M is certainly no stranger to our shop. Over the last year and a half, we've seen this E82 start from scratch and end up as the highly modified car you see today. In its most recent visit, we had the opportunity to install the beautiful Gruppe M ram air intake system. Manufactured in Japan using 100% 1x1 weave carbon fiber, the Gruppe M intake is designed to capture the maximum amount of air while keeping temperatures down. The new airbox houses a large high-flow K&N air filter that further increase flow efficiency and captures contaminants. The whole intake system also looks stunning once installed, giving the finishing touch (for now) to this great example of a 1M. Enjoy!

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  4. Alpine White F10 M5 on HRE Wheels

    This M5 is all about contrast: dark against light. The first modification you'll probably notice on this F10 are the HRE S101 wheels, featuring the unique combination a matte black center with a color-matched Alpine White lip. H&R lowering springs give the car its sporty stance. Next on the list would be the carbon fiber pieces by 3D Design; the front lip spoiler features color matched splitters for a more integrated look. The matching rear diffuser surrounds black OEM exhaust tips with bright white M logos. BMW's Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler sits neatly on the trunk with a white pinstripe running along its edge. Finally, IND painted kidney grilles, fender gills and reflectors eliminate the unnecessary chrome, red and orange from this M5 for a sleek and clean look.

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  5. Black & Yellow Z4M

    This Jet Black E86 Z4M features a new pair of Brembo 6-Piston GT brakes behind a set of matte black 18" Volk TE37 wheels. For some extra style the wheels are decorated with a set of custom color-matched stickers to further accentuate the massive brake kit lurking behind the spokes. An Eisenmann performance exhaust in Race trim and a Gruppe M instake gives this Z4M a boost in power and an aggressive tone.

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  6. Gruppe M Intake Installed on Singapore Gray M5

    For it's first visit to our shop, this Singapore Gray M5 got the popular combo of F10 modifications installed: Akrapovic exhaust, H&R lowering springs and Macht Schnell wheel spacers. We saw this car again when it came back for the ultra high quality, made in Japan Gruppe M ram air intake system. Featuring two K&N cone filters, carbon fiber intake scoops, carbon fiber heat shields and carbon fiber duct work, the Gruppe M not only improves the efficiency of the M5's intake system, but also decorates the engine bay with a touch of motorsport inspired flair.

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  7. Frozen White M5 Gets Vorsteiner Wheels and Gruppe M Intake

    We first saw this Frozen White M5 at our shop when we installed a full exhaust, spacers and springs (see the blog post here). This time around we had the opportunity of installing a set of 21" Vorsteiner VS-310 wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Supersports. Featuring the Brushed Dark Shadow finish these forged 3-piece wheels show off their aircraft-grade brushed aluminum and sharp beveled edges. With the larger diameter wheels filling the fender wells, this F10 looks even more commanding than before.

    The second order of business was installing the Gruppe M intake. Providing increased airflow and quicker turbo spooling, this Japanese made intake also dresses the engine bay in glossy 1x1 carbon fiber. This intake also sounds great; the twin turbos are noticeable even when driving in a parking lot. With its individual paint job, top-of-the-line modifications and aggressive stance, this M5 will attract attention wherever it goes.

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  8. Gruppe M Intake Installed on IND's F10 M5

    Gruppe M produces high-quality, hand-made carbon fiber intake systems, which not only boost a BMW's performance, but also add some carbon fiber flair under the hood. The factory ductwork and airboxes are replaced with heat-shielding carbon fiber with enhanced inlets to capture the maximum amount of air. Lower intake air temperatures carry higher concentrations of oxygen, allowing for more energetic explosions and producing more horsepower and torque. Of course, reliability is never sacrificed -- high-efficiency, high-flow K&N air filter materials prevent contaminants from interfering with proper engine function.This high performance ram air intake was the perfect choice for IND's F10 M5.

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