gts-v aero

  1. Vorsteiner 1M Studio Photo Shoot

    EAS, in a series of vehicles being wrapped up before Bimmerfest and a premier partner with Vorsteiner, is proud to be among the first to release the 1M Coupe GTS-V aero program. The Vorsteiner 1M will feature a carbon fiber front spoiler with integrated brake duct system and a carbon fiber rear diffuser replacement with extended aero fins and signature GTS-V designed splitters.

    Another element made out of carbon fiber is the lightweight boot lid replacement with integrated wing profile element. For those looking for extra punch and improved acoustics, the 1M GTS-V features a catback titanium-tipped sport exhaust system, with dyno results following shortly after the event.

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  2. Mineral White E92 M3 with Red Volk TE37s & Vorsteiner GTS-V Aero

    You should recognize this Mineral White E92 as our recent SEMA Vorsteiner build. With the marketing vinyl removed, it was now time for some new color wheels. Having tried almost every other Volk color on the market, the wheel-loving owner of this M3 decided go with the loudest option available this time. Aggressive bright red wheels like this obviously aren't for everyone, but everyone knows that the M3 scene wouldn't be nearly as fun or interesting without brave examples such as this. What do you think?

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