1. ESS Powered M3

    At the time of its release, BMW purists were more or less opposed to the new M3. Arguments surrounded the fact that the V8 would make the car too heavy. Producing around 350 horsepower to the wheels, the M3 was a more than capable car for the about 1580kg (3483 lbs) curb weight, comparing to the current coupe, (F82 M4) which has a curb weight of about 1497kg (3300 lbs). The F82 has about 425 horsepower however. Lucky for the owner of this M3, we fitted it was an ESS VT2-625 Supercharger system. The VT2-625 adds quite a significant amount of horsepower, rising the roughly 350whp to about 530whp on this car, making a nearly 50% horsepower increase at about 7 PSI.

    Having a device to display information like boost or oil pressure or various temperatures is essential when having a supercharger in your car. The Awron DGA Guage is the all in one display that does just that. This 20-in-1 gauge is the perfect option for track enthusiasts, supercharged cars or for those just wanting to add some flair and functionality to the M3's interior!

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  2. Exhaust Tuning an M4

    This M4 gives a stock appearance however, quite the opposite is true. There are many parts to a complete exhaust system, but downpipes are a quick upgrade that can also increase performance. We installed Evolution Racewerks Downpipes on this M4 also adding as ESS E-Tronic Tuner and Macht Schnell Exhaust Valve Control Module. Whether you want your exhaust to be loud or quiet, the Macht Schnell EVC Module allows for full control over the exhaust at the touch of a button. A large horsepower increase of 50-60 whp is readily made available with the ESS E-Tronic Tuner that we installed in this car. Thanks to the E-Tronic, which has a sophisticated multi channel controller that has RPM and MAF integration, there is full control of boost at all RPM ranges and proper AFR calibrations that don't require splicing in to any factory wiring.

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