1. 2018 BMW i3s

    2018 BMW i3s

    The i3 was always quick and nimble for what it was--a compact EV primarily designed for urban travel (with a range-extender option for folks who need to drive some more). The i3s is the newest iteration of the eco-pocket rocket. Power has been bumped up to 184 HP and 199 ft-lbs (compared to the 170 HP/184 ft-lbs of the standard model). Top speed has been increased from 93 mph to 99 mph. 0-60 times have also dropped from 7.3 seconds to a 6.9. It's certainly no M2 or M3 in regards to speed or power it's still a decent amount of car for the average driver. While the i3s may seem underwhelming for most performance junkies, it does offer a look into the future of alternative-fuel performance cars.

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  2. BMW i3 Factory Production Tour

    For those of you that love watching how things are made, check out this i3 factory video that we edited together. It's a full 40 minutes long, so you can see all the details of how BMW transforms sheets of carbon fiber into their new electric car. Enjoy.

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