ind f10 m5

  1. WIP: Alpine White F10 M5

    Taking just one look at this car, you can tell the owner is a big fan of carbon fiber. Last week, we had the pleasure of installing a ton of cosmetic upgrades on this Alpine White F10 M5. The parts from 3D Design and iND work together to create one pretty impressive package. Although it was raining, we managed to snap some photos of the car's progress so far. The car is still waiting for some more parts to come in. Stay tuned for more coming soon!!

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  2. F10 M5 Eisenmann Exhaust System

    BMW's F10 M5 is an absolute marvel of modern technology and a pinnacle of modern machinery. The engine is optimized with BMW's excellent VANOS system, individual valve control with Valvetronic technology, two turbo chargers, water cooled engine control computers, and blistering performance. However, some say a certain soul is lost as BMW M advances further toward the future. The raw sound and power of BMW's earlier S38, S62, and S85 engines may be lost in the new S63N- something even BMW admits to, and compensates for by adding an in-cabin sound generator to capture some of the engine's lost personality.

    Each Eisenmann exhaust system for the F10 M5 is available in a Sport sound level for those who demand a discreet personality from their super sedan, and a Race sound level for a more extroverted driving experience. Three tip options are available- four 90mm round tips, four 102mm round tips, or four 120x77mm oval tips.

    IND's F10 M5 features the Race version equipped with the 102mm round tips. While it's staying at our shop we thought that you would like hearing the tone and taking a close-up look at this exhaust. Enjoy!

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  3. Gruppe M Intake Installed on IND's F10 M5

    Gruppe M produces high-quality, hand-made carbon fiber intake systems, which not only boost a BMW's performance, but also add some carbon fiber flair under the hood. The factory ductwork and airboxes are replaced with heat-shielding carbon fiber with enhanced inlets to capture the maximum amount of air. Lower intake air temperatures carry higher concentrations of oxygen, allowing for more energetic explosions and producing more horsepower and torque. Of course, reliability is never sacrificed -- high-efficiency, high-flow K&N air filter materials prevent contaminants from interfering with proper engine function.This high performance ram air intake was the perfect choice for IND's F10 M5.

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  4. IND's F10 M5 Visits European Auto Source

    IND's latest masterpiece is this F10 M5, which was revealed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this year. Having a close relationship with IND, we arranged to borrow this beautiful car and show it some eas hospitality. In the next week we'll throw it on the lift to get some new parts installed and strap it to the dyno to benchmark its performance. Given the opportunity of borrowing such a unique car, it was only natural for us to take some photos of it enjoying the California sun.

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