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  1. Interlagos Blue E46 M3 - KW V2, Eisenmann Exhaust

    Interlagos Blue E46 M3 - KW V2, Eisenmann Exhaust

    The E46 M3 is a true modern classic. It's a car that still has a passionate following among enthusiasts so the aftermarket still caters to the venerable platform. This clean Interlagos Blue example with only 43,000 miles on the odometer lived a rather stock life. It's owner decided it was time for some changes when they contacted us. First order of business was installing a KW Variant 2 Coilover System. The KW V2 system is intended for the experienced driver who does not only wish to determine the individual lowering of his vehicle, but also wishes to carry out setup adjustments. The adjustable rebound damper allows adjusting the pitch and roll behavior of the vehicle and therefore the driving pleasure can be adapted to the own requirements.

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  2. Interlagos Blue E46 M3 Competition - Recaro Sportster CS

    Interlagos Blue E46 M3 Competition - Recaro Sportster CS

    Seats really do make the car. A high quality reclining seat from a company such as Recaro is oftentimes a major upgrade from your average factory seat with squishy bolsters and a lack of back support. A great example of said seat is Recaro's Sportster CS. The Sportster CS is inspired by motorsport seat design with an integral headrest that features harness pass-throughs and aggressive bolstering. The design is good blend of luxury and sport and would look right in almost all performance cars. Recaro seats not only hug you firmly during high performance driving but they can also keep you nice and comfortable during road trips. Recaro seats are designed to align the spinal cord in its most natural position. The driver's back muscles will actually become more relaxed the longer they sit in the seat.

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  3. HRE FF01 Wheels on an Interlagos Blue E90 M3

    Featuring classic spoke styling, FlowForm construction and a range of aggressive fitment options, the HRE FF01 is one of the the most popular wheels that we sell. This Interlagos Blue M3 sedan proudly shows off a set of these FF01 wheels in a Liquid Silver finish. Combined with the lowered ride height provided by a set of KW V3 coilovers, an iND painted cosmetic package and an M Performance spoiler and exhaust, this E90 M3 is as clean and elegant as they come. Enjoy!

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  4. Interlagos Blue M3 Sedan on HRE FF01 Wheels

    We grabbed a few quick photos of this Interlagos Blue E90 M3 while it was on our lift for some maintenance work. The 19" Liquid Silver HRE FF01 wheels fit perfectly on this sedan, especially in combination with the drop provided by the KW V3 coilovers. HRE manufactures these wheels in Japan using a process called flow-forming, in which a unique casting and forming process obtains strength similar to a forged wheel - at a much lower price than a forged wheel. With their superb styling, strong, lightweight construction and their wide range of sizes, fitments and finishes, it's really no surprise to us that these are one of our most popular selling wheels.

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  5. Interlagos Blue M3 on Black TE37s

    This Interlagos Blue E90 M3 came to us to finally get a drop. Opting for the popular KW Variant 3 (V3) coilover system, we were able to give this sedan its aggressive ride height and improve its handling characteristics. Combined with a set of matte black Volk Racing TE37 wheels, the BMW Performance exhaust, a BMW Performance carbon fiber spoiler and an IND painted cosmetic package, this 4-door M3 looks as cool and clean as ever.

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  6. Interlagos Blue VF620 M3 Sedan at Sonoma Raceway

    This frequent customer of ours and the owner of this Interlagos Blue E90 M3 is addicted to track days. When this car first came into our shop it was in 100% bone stock form; that same day we installed a 620hp supercharger kit. Since then we've seen this car slowly evolve into the subtle, purpose built track-day/daily-driver machine that it is now. Equipped with a set of high-end and exclusive JRZ coilovers, super lightweight 10" wide APEX wheels, ultra sticky Hankook Ventus TD tires, powerful AP Racing brakes and Vorshlag adjustable camber plates, this is one of the best feeling M3's we've had the pleasure of driving. Here are some photos by Cali Photography from a recent track day event at Sonoma Raceway. Enjoy.

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  7. Stage 2 Intake Installed on Interlagos Blue M3

    Taking the place of the OEM accordion style intake elbow and air filter, the Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake increases airflow by replacing the most restrictive components of the M3's intake system. Combined with the intake charge scoops behind the kidney grilles, the Stage 2 Intake instantly gives the S65 V8 a bump of 8-12hp and an aggressive intake sound. This Interlagos Blue E92 also features the matte black 5-spoke Niche M126 Apex wheels for a sharp, stealthy appearance.

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  8. Two Interlagos Blue M3s

    We got lucky on a rainy day and had an Interlagos Blue E46 M3 and an Interlagos Blue E92 M3 here at the same time. Being a rather rare sight, we couldn't pass up the opportunity of snapping some photos for you. Enjoy.

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  9. Interlagos Blue M3 Sedan with AP Racing Brakes

    After attending his first track event, the owner of this M3 became instantly hooked. With a few more track days under his belt he concluded that the stock brakes were not up to the job; the OEM 1-piston calipers would fade quickly, causing a spongy pedal and substantially reduced braking performance. We fixed this problem by installing a full set of AP Racing brakes; 6-piston calipers with 368mm slotted rotors in the front and 4-piston calipers with 356mm slotted rotors in the rear. This is the identical set-up that we have on our Project E92 M3.

    Now, even with the additional power of his VF620 Supercharger System, this M3 owner couldn't be happier with the performance of his new AP Racing brakes. A solid, consistent brake pedal and uber powerful stopping power go a long way in improving a driver's confidence and lap times at the race track.

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  10. Akrapovic Evolution Installed on Interlagos E92

    Many M3 owners demand only the highest quality modifications for their car; this is why the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust system is so popular. Constructed entirely from lightweight titanium, this system is both functional and beautiful, saving 50lbs and gaining 25hp. This Interlagos Blue coupe neatly shows off the optional carbon fiber tips paired with the Vorsteiner VRS Aero Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Type II. Matte black HRE P40 wheels, Dinan suspension and a BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler complete the car.

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