jb4 tune

  1. Estoril Blue F32 435i - Almost an M4

    Generating around 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, the 435i is not a slow car. Competing with other newer cars in the same horsepower range like the STi, 370z, Mustang, Genesis, etc. the six-cylinder TwinPower Turbo motor is fairly easy to make push more power to the rear wheels. With that being said, this F32 has an AFE Intake, Evolution Racewerks Catless Downpipe, and JB4 to increase its power, easily surpassing the other cars in its class. To monitor what the car is doing with these mods, an AWRON Gauge was also installed.

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  2. 428i on Volk TE37SL Wheels

    This Black Sapphire 428i has it all: looks, speed and handling. The sleek coupe kept its exterior modifications to a minimum, consisting of a front lip, a rear diffuser, gloss black kidney grilles and some painted reflectors. The most noticeable change to the overall look of the car would have to be the Volk Racing TE37SL wheels. Not only do they provide a distinctive style for this BMW, their forged construction makes these wheels renowned for their strength and their incredibly low weight.

    And since being light weight is one of the 428i's strengths, this F32 had a pair of Recaro Pole Position racing seats installed to shed a few more pounds.The new seats will come in handy because the suspension has been upgraded to a BC Racing coilover set-up, which allow for a lower center of gravity and firmer spring rates.

    Under the hood, the 4-cylinder turbo motor has a few upgrades of its own. A JB4 tune, an Evolution Racewerks downpipe and an AFE intake all work together to unleash this 428i's potential. All in all, this car is undoubtedly a blast to drive, it looks great and it will probably give some 335is a run for their money. Take a look.

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  3. M4 Convertible Gets a Full Akra Set-Up & More

    When this M4 came to our shop for its appointment, it was bone stock with exception to the trunk mounted Aeromotion carbon fiber wing. Once it was on our lift we proceeded to install a full Akrapovic exhaust set-up, which included the Evolution titanium system along with the stainless steel catless downpipes. K&N performance air filters and a JB4 tuner were then installed under the hood to maximize this convertible's power output. Next we installed an RKP carbon fiber rear diffuser, which compliments the Akrapovic carbon fiber exhaust tips nicely, along with the M Performance carbon fiber front splitters & lip. You might notice that this F83 retains its chrome trim and orange reflectors; that's because the owner was explicitly focused on maximizing the car's power and aerodynamics instead of its exterior cosmetics. While this M4 convertible probably won't appeal to the more conservative BMW enthusiast, there's certainly no denying that it must be a blast to drive around Southern California. Enjoy.

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  4. Sleeper 335i Gets APEX ARC-8 Wheels

    This clean Alpine White 335i came to our facility for a set of new wheels. Wanting an option that was both strong and lightweight, the owner of this E90 decided on the popular 18" APEX ARC-8s. Featuring classic CSL styling and a beautiful hyper silver finish, these flow formed ARC-8 wheels were the perfect choice for this sedan. You wouldn't think so just by looking at it, but this subtle E90 is actually putting down 438hp & 471ft-lbs tq at the wheels; those numbers are actually higher than the F8X M3s & M4s! Because of this we mounted up some sticky Michelin PSS tires, which are the very same ones you'll find on a new F8X. With its long list of unseen modifications and a new set lightweight wheels, this sleeper sedan is ready to run on the street or track. Enjoy!

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  5. Mineral Gray M4 on Gunmetal VMR V810 Wheels

    Mineral Gray looks fantastic with a set of darker colored wheels. Recognizing this, the owner of this M4 went for a set of the popular 19" VMR V810 flow formed wheels finished in gunmetal. Combined with a set of H&R sport lowering springs and some wider Bridgestone Potenza tires, these VMR wheels give the car its aggressive and sporty stance. While it was here, we strapped this JB4 equipped F82 to our dyno to see what numbers it would put down. With some E85 mix fuel in the tank, it recorded 503hp and 518ft-lbs tq at the wheels! Take a quick look at this stealthy and powerful example of an M4 below. Enjoy.

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  6. Stealthy 335i Sedan Sleeper

    The owner of this triple black 335i wanted to extract additional power from his N54, but also wanted to maintain its stealthy appearance. To do this, we first installed the popular Burger Motorsport JB4 tuner in conjunction with a set of thermal coated Macht Schnell catless downpipes; together, they add substantial horsepower and decrease turbo lag. Concerned about heat build-up, we then installed the larger Evolution Racewerks intercooler and the twin oil cooler upgrade, both of which were black anodized for additional cooling and a hidden appearance. Having already been fitted with a set of Performance Friction brakes, this Black Sapphire E90 is more than ready to handle its new power. Enjoy.

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  7. From Mild to Wild: Mineral White F80 M3

    This Mineral White M3 made the 400+ mile drive all the way from Sacramento to our shop to get some dyno time and modifications. Looking for both more power and sound from his S55, this owner had us install the full Eisenmann exhaust system along with the Eisenmann catless downpipes. Featuring a black ceramic thermal coat the full Eisenmann exhaust looks super menacing under the car, especially when paired with the aggressive Vorsteiner carbon fiber diffuser. It also happens to be insanely loud, as you'll clearly be able to hear in the two videos below. Once we were finished with the exhaust and diffuser, we then installed the popular Burger Motorsports JB4 tuner for an insant boost in power. The dyno results speak for themselves, resulting in 456hp & 467ft-lb tq at the wheels; an increase of 55hp and 66ft-lbs tq! Along with its new sound and power, this F80 features a set of Vorsteiner 3-piece forged wheels, H&R sport lowering springs and a full iND painted cosmetic package, making this one of the meanest F80s that we've worked on. Enjoy!

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  8. Our Project M4 Competes in the European Car Tuner GP

    Every year we participate in the European Car Magazine Tuner GP with one of our project BMWs. Having previously competed with a supercharged E92 M3 and a supercharged E86 Z4M, this was the first year we showed up with a turbo car. With our M4 putting down 559hp and 605ft-lbs tq at the wheels, we made some changes prior to the event to help this beast handle the race track.

    While lowering springs are perfect for the street, the track demands a bit more. We opted for a set of KW Clubsport 2-way adjustable coilovers, which enabled us to dial-in the optimal settings for the highly technical Streets of Willow Raceway. We then installed a front/rear Brembo GT big brake kit for better stopping power and fade-free performance. Like many of our track-going customers, we installed a set of strong and lightweight 18" Apex EC-7 wheels wrapped in the event required Continental Extreme Contact DW tires.

    Just like every other year we've competed, we drove our M4 to and from the event to prove that it's a double duty street/track weapon. Our driver, Jordan Yost of Yost Autosport, piloted the F82 and put down some awesome lap times. To get all the details you'll have to wait for the European Car Tuner GP issue to hit newsstands sometime early next year, but for now you can check out these exclusive photos and video from the event. Enjoy!

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  9. JB4 & Downpipes Installed on Yas Marina Blue M4

    After taking care the wheels, suspension and cosmetics, this Yas Marina Blue M4 returned to get some additional horsepower. Just like our Austin Yellow M4, we plugged the Burger Motorsports JB4 tuner into this S55 to instantly boost the twin turbos' performance. To help this F82 make even more power we also swapped out the OEM downpipes with Evolution Racewerks' competition series catless downpipes, which are far less restrictive and allow for quicker spool times. While we didn't have a chance to strap this particular F82 to our Dynojet, we know from previous F8X dyno sessions that this M4 should be putting down somewhere around 520+ whp and 540+ wtq! Misson accomplished.

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  10. We Give our Austin Yellow M4 Some Extra Power

    Up until this point our project Austin Yellow M4 has recieved plenty of modifications, but its engine has remained stock. That changed earlier this week when we set out to sqeeze some more power out of this S55. The first order of business was swapping out the OEM exhaust with something much nicer. As has always been the case with our previous project cars, we opted to install the Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System; this time we went with the carbon fiber tips. We then mated the new exhaust to a pair of Evolution Racewerks catless downpipes to create an even freer flowing system.

    With the exhaust taken care of, we plugged in a Burger Motorsport JB4 tuner, filled the car up with some 100 octane fuel and strapped it to our Dynojet. We were very pleased with the results: 559whp and 605ft-lbs tq! With our mission complete, we took our monster F82 out to the streets to record some sound clips and burnouts. Take a look below to hear and see this set-up for yourself. Enjoy!

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