1. Mineral White Vorsteiner E92 M3 Build

    A joint project between EAS and Vorstiener, this Mineral White E92 is a blend of elegance and aggressive styling. Featuring Vorsteiner's Carbon Fiber GTS-V Front Lip, Carbon Fiber Tpye II Diffuser, Carbon Fiber Aero Trunk Lid and a set of 19" V-FF 101 wheels, this M3 is simply beautiful. Take some time to view these high-quality studio photos front Vorsteiner. Enjoy!

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  2. A Track Ready Space Gray M3

    Only an hour after purchasing his stock E92 M3, this owner drove it to our shop to give it a major overhaul. Less than two weeks later the car was fully transformed into a daily-driven track machine. For increased power we installed a set of Macht Schnell pulleys, a Macht Schnell stage 2 intake, a catless Mastermind x-pipe and a set of titanium Akrapovic mufflers. Ultra lightweight Volk TE37SL Black Edition wheels wrapped in sticky Hankook RS-3 tires combined with top of the line KW Clubsport coilovers give this M3 a major improvement in handling performance. The interior features unique Takata racing seats, a rear seat delete, a BMW Alcantara steering wheel and billet DCT shifter paddles. JL motoring and Downforce USA carbon fiber accents paired with IND's painted reflectors, gills and grilles complete the exterior for a clean and aggressive look. The end result is a uniquely styled, head-turning M3 with performance to match.

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  3. E90 M3 w/ Eisenmann Race Exhaust, Mastermind X-Pipe & Macht Schnell Stage 2

    Wanting to add more sound and power to his Eisenmann Race equipped M3, this customer came to us for two additional modifications. First we installed the Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit, which creates a less restrictive pathway for the air to flow though resulting in more power and and a growling intake note. To increase the volume of the exhaust we installed Mastermind's Stainless Steel Catless Street X-Pipe which reduces exhaust gas back-pressure for substantial performance gains and a much louder tone. Take a look at the video to hear how mean this M3 now sounds.

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