When Volk Racing stopped by our facility to show off some of their new wheels, we jumped on the opportunity to snap some photos for you. On the left is a 20"x10.0" Volk TE37 Ultra, and on the right is an 18"x11.0" Volk ZE40. Both wheels are painted in a unique Matte Blue Gunmetal finish, and feature extensive CNC machining work. According to Volk, these wheels utilize a special manufacturing process to create the new centers, which don't only look great, but also add additional strength and rigidity. Another new feature found on these wheels is anti tire slip knurling on the rims, which is trickle down technology from Formula 1. These wheels will start making their way over to the USA in a couple of months, but for now you can get an up close and personal look at them below.

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