methanol injection

  1. 2018 Black Sapphire Metallic F82 M4 - Pure Turbo, Snow Performance, VTT, VRSF

    2018 Black Sapphire Metallic F82 M4 - Pure Turbo, Snow Performance, VTT, VRSF

    There's just something special about the cool confidence of a sleeper car. A plain-looking car with serious engine work is a satisfying, grin-inducing machine that can ruin the day of an unsuspecting supercar owner. That's the sort of thing the owner of this M4 wanted when they reached out to us. The goal was to have a very fast car that looked stock on the outside--And under the hood! We upgraded the turbos, exhaust system and changed up the fuel system to run on E85 and methanol only. To help engine longevity, we also installed the VTT Spline Lock Crank Hub Solution. Cary Jordan supplied the Bootmod3 flash tune and helped us reach 706 horsepower at the wheels, with 658 wheel torque. The only thing that might give away the true potential of this particular car would be the loud exhaust. Otherwise, this black beast is one hell of a street sleeper!

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  2. VT2-625 M3 on our Dynojet

    M3Post member Longboarder is no stranger to our Dynojet. Beginning with a stock M3 and arriving with a supercharged, catless and methanol injected set-up, we've seen this Alpine White E92 on our dyno for almost every stage of the process. Over the past months this M3 has been transformed into a beast measuring in at 557whp and 364wtq SAE; thats 210whp and 109wq over stock! Be sure to watch Longboarder's video of this car performing at the most recent Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack.

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