2018 Mineral Gray F87 M2 - Eibach Pro-Kit Springs & Macht Schnell Spacers

Lowering springs and wheel spacers are very popular first mods for many of our customers. They are modifications often performed when the driver prefers to not deviate too far from the stock setup. This brand-new 2018 M2 stopped by today for its first set of mods. Its driver opted for Eibach's Pro-Kit springs are among the most widely used and have many applications. While lowering springs reduce wheel gap and improve aesthetics, handling and feel are also improved due to the car's center of gravity being lowered. Like other quality brands, Eibach springs will also keep the ride quality relatively comfortable. Once the springs were installed, we also installed 10mm Macht Schnell spacers all around. The driver requested a more conservative yet still flush-fitting wheel fitment so 10mm all around did the trick.

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