mini cooper

  1. MINI John Cooper Works Lowered with ST Coilovers

    As it comes from the factory, the John Cooper Works is definitely one of the most fun-to-drive cars that money can buy. With that being said, there is always room for some improvement. In order to stiffen up the handling and lower the center of gravity of this White Silver Metallic R56, we installed the ST Suspensions Speedtech coilover system. Manufactured by KW, and essentially the same coilovers as the Variant 1 system, the height-adjustable ST Speedtech coilovers provide the perfect balance between performance and everyday comfort. With it's new suspension and sportier stance, this MINI is ready to be thrown around like a little go-kart.

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  2. B16 Mini Cooper Special

    It's not everyday we get to see something like this come through our shop. This bright green 1971 Mini Cooper Special is about as modified as it can possibly be. Featuring a truly extensive weight reduction plan, a full roll cage, a pair of bride racing seats, 6-point racing harnesses, 13" Ultralite wheels, a "big" brake kit, a fuel cell in the trunk, widebody fenders and a Honda B16 engine, this 120" long Mini is a track machine to it's very core. However loud, hardcore and devoid of creature comforts this car may be, believe it or not this classic Cooper is actually used as a daily driver. Enjoy.

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