1. Marc Marquez Awarded Frozen Red M4 Coupe

    With the 2014 MotoGP season coming to an end in Valencia, championship winner Marc Marquez was awarded this beautiful Frozen Red M4. Every year the BMW M award is given to the MotoGP rider that finishes with the most points. Last year rookie Marquez was awarded a Frozen Black M6, but this year, with 10 consecutive wins and 13 total wins, he definitely earned this F82. We're sharing these images because they're the first to show an F8X in a Frozen paint job, so check it out and enjoy!

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  2. New BMW MotoGP Safety Cars Wallpaper

    As BMW continues to provide the official safety cars for MotoGP, they have released a new F82 M4 version along with an F06 M6 version. Take a look at these cars and enjoy!

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