octane short shift kit

  1. The Works for a Frozen White M3 Sedan

    Most of our customers modify their cars in multiple stages, having us install one or two parts during each visit. Others, like the owner of this Frozen White wrapped E90 M3, want everything done in one fell swoop. So many components of this 2008 M3 have been replaced or upgraded that it's essentially a brand new car. It really did get the works.

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  2. Frozen Blue VF620 Supercharged E90 M3 in the Studio

    Nathan's 2008 M3 Estoril Blue Matte Sedan is definitely one of a kind - and equally quick to boot with its VF620 Supercharger system sitting quietly underneath the hood. The custom Matte Estoril Blue color is reminiscent to M3s in the past, and looking just as good in the present.

    Expect to see Nate's M3 at MFEST in Las Vegas next week, ripping it up on the track!

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  3. Akrapovic Evolution Installed on an M3 Convertible

    We installed another Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust yesterday, this time on an E93 M3. Being substantially heavier that its coupe and sedan counterparts, the 50lbs weight reduction was a welcome modification for the convertible. To squeeze even more power out of the S65 V8, we also installed the Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit, that in combination with the exhaust, gained 27hp and 21lbs-ft toque at the wheels. Lastly, to fix the sloppy manual shifter, the OEM unit was replaced with the super high-quality Rogue Engineering Octane Short Shift Kit for those precise, bolt-action-rifle shifts.

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