performance underdrive pulley set

  1. Alpine White M3 Convertible on the Dyno

    Compared to the coupes and sedans, modified M3 convertibles are pretty rare to come by. This Alpine White E93 dropped by our facility for some basic maintenance and a dyno session. Fitted with all the standard bolt-on power modifications, such as a tune, intake, pulley, track pipes and exhaust, this M3 put down 376hp and 271ft-lbs tq at the wheels. Quite a bit of work went into giving this vert a properly unique and aggressive exterior, from the super low stance, 20" wheels, gloss black accents, custom headlights, tinted taillights and carbon fiber all around. This M3 also sounds as mean as it looks, which gives onlookers twice the reason to turn their heads when it drives by. Enjoy!

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  2. LeMans Blue M3 Gets a Few Performance Upgrades

    This stock LeMans Blue M3 finally came to our shop to get some modifications. The first order of business for this E92 was extracting a bit more power out of the S65 V8. To do this, we installed a set of Macht Schnell performance underdrive pulleys in conjunction with a Macht Schnell catless race x-pipe. Even with the stock mufflers, the Macht Schnell x-pipe really gives an aggressive sound; check out the video below to hear it for yourself. We then focused on the suspension, where we swapped out the stock springs with a set of Swift Spec-R lowering springs, and installed two sets of Macht Schnell wheel spacers. Last but not least, we installed BMW's Edition black chrome kidney grilles and fender gilles, which really tied the whole car together. Enjoy.

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  3. Melbourne Red E92 M3 Bolt-On Build & Dyno

    There is a popular trio of bolt-on modifications that helps to squeeze out every bit of power from the M3's S65 V8. They are: a full exhaust system, performance underdrive pulleys and a performance intake. This Melbourne Red E92 had this trio installed at our facility. Read more to see all the photos, video & dyno chart.

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