pre-painted reflectors

  1. EAS Pre-Painted Front Reflectors For BMW F8X M3/M4

    Our Pre-Painted Reflectors are a 100% direct swap solution for the ugly OEM amber reflectors, which ruin the sleek body lines of your M3/M4. Our Pre-Painted Reflectors are carefully prepped and color-matched to all standard BMW paint options for the F8X M3/M4.

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  2. BMW F82 M4 - The Austin Yellow Treatment

    When released to the public, Austin Yellow was a color that caused quite the stir up. Questions like, “how could they put this color on such a great car?” or “how could anyone pick a different color?” were the common ones to hear. However with time, it appears that although there are still some who disapprove of the color, Austin Yellow has become a favorite among many. This F82 M4 is a more than acceptable visualization of the Austin Yellow color, backed by Black Accents with items from iND’s Cosmetic Package.

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  3. Lowered M3 on Vorsteiner V-FF 101 Wheels

    After keeping his 2012 M3 stock for a whole two years, this customer finally decided it was time for some modifications. To get things started, this Alpine White E92 got a brand new set of 19" Vorsteiner V-FF 101 flow-formed wheels finished in a spectacular textured-black powdercoat. Next, the KW HAS sleeve-over kit was installed, allowing for a perfectly dialed-in ride height along with improved handling performance. As well as an iND painted cosmetic package, this clean exterior received a trio of BMW Performance carbon fiber pieces, including the front splitters, mirror caps and a trunk spoiler. Thanks to the powerful bite of the modbug, this M3 is looking better than ever.

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  4. Our Project M3 gets the ESS VT2-625 Supercharger

    The ESS VT2-625 Supercharger replaces the previous VF620 system for 2013. With all the ESS systems we've been installing in the past 8 months, we needed to have one of our own to put to the test. With a heavy track schedule planned for this year, we should be made aware of what this kit is made of.

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  5. Mineral White E92 M3 with Work Meister S1 3P Wheels

    This 2011 Mineral White E92 came into our shop to get some 20mm Macht Schnell spacers installed behind his front wheels. Now that the Work wheels are properly spaced out, the stance is completed with the help of the KW Adjustable Lowering Spring Sleeve-Over Kit. IND pre-painted reflectors add a nice, clean touch to the front bumper.

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