project kics

  1. Alpine White M3 on Hyper Blue TE37SLs

    While the Volk TE37SLs are one of the most popular wheel choices we see on M3s, these are probably the first we've seen in this Hyper Blue finish. And, wow, they really do pop on this Alpine White E92! Wanting a more aggressive offset from these 19" Volks, this customer had us install 10mm Macht Schnell wheel spacers in both the front and rear. While we were at it, we also went ahead and installed a Macht Schnell 75mm stud conversion paired with neochrome Project Kics R40 lug nuts. Underneath the car we swapped out the restrictive stock exhaust for a full stainless steel system, comprised of an Eisenmann Race muffler mated to a Challenge Street X-Pipe. For additional power gains, this 6SPD M3 has been fitted with a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake under its hood. Like many cars that come through here, an iND painted cosmetic package gives the finishing touches to this clean, eye-catching M3. Enjoy.

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  2. Tasteful M3 Sedan on Umber Gray ZCP Wheels

    Now here's a fantastic example of an M3 that is both unmistakably unique and tastefully built. Featuring refinished Umber Gray ZCP wheels (wrapped in wide AD08 tires) and a KW adjustable sleeve-over lowering kit, this E90 has certain "motorsport" look to it. Take a closer look at the wheels and you'll see some nice little details like a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit along with Project Kics R40 lug nuts. A sensible dosage of carbon fiber, found in the front splitters, front CRT lip spoiler, mirrors and trunk spoiler, provides the Alpine White exterior with a bit of contrast. The interior also features carbon fiber pieces, as well as a BMW Performance steering wheel, shift knob and e-brake handle. Gloss black kidney grilles and Alpine White side markers, both painted by iND, along with a matte black AE Performance exhaust system provide the finishing touches to this elegant M3.

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  3. Space Gray ESS VT2-625 E92 M3

    Having been to our facility before, this 2008 Space Gray M3 has already been equipped with many of the essential modifications. Featuring an Arkym carbon fiber front lip spoiler, an iND painted cosmetic package, a set of ultra-deep concave Forgestar F14 wheels, the KW sleeve-over kit, a Challenge Sport x-Pipe and an Eisemnann Race exhaust system, this E92 was definitely headed in the right direction. Up until last week, though, this M3 was missing THE modification that every M3 owner really wants: a supercharger! For this particular M3 we installed the ESS VT2-625 intercooled supercharger system, which produces 6.5PSI of boost and thrusts the S65 motor to the next level of performance. On our dyno, this M3 saw substantial gains of 181 HP and 78 LB-FT TQ at the wheels, for a total of 527HP and 346 LB-FT TQ. Complimenting the new supercharger system, we also installed the popular Awron DGA gauge, which displays a wide array of real-time data ranging from boost pressure to g-forces to lap times.

    Before we installed the supercharger system, we took the motor apart to inspect and replace the rod bearings. Upon removal, we found something very interesting. It turns out that one of the rod bearings was installed with some of the plastic wrap still attached to the underside! This small piece of plastic was enough to create a high spot on the bearing and create uneven wear. We replaced the old rod bearings with a set of superior WPC surface treated ones and a set of ARP rod bolts.

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  4. An Aggressive Red M3 Convertible

    Even if you're not typically a fan of convertibles, this particular M3 demands some respect. Featuring a beautiful red vinyl wrap by The R'ss Tuning, KW clubsports, Brembo brakes, BBS LM-Rs, an Akrapovic exhaust system and an Amuse bumper, this heavily modified E93 both super clean and super aggressive. Enjoy.

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  5. A Track Ready Space Gray M3

    Only an hour after purchasing his stock E92 M3, this owner drove it to our shop to give it a major overhaul. Less than two weeks later the car was fully transformed into a daily-driven track machine. For increased power we installed a set of Macht Schnell pulleys, a Macht Schnell stage 2 intake, a catless Mastermind x-pipe and a set of titanium Akrapovic mufflers. Ultra lightweight Volk TE37SL Black Edition wheels wrapped in sticky Hankook RS-3 tires combined with top of the line KW Clubsport coilovers give this M3 a major improvement in handling performance. The interior features unique Takata racing seats, a rear seat delete, a BMW Alcantara steering wheel and billet DCT shifter paddles. JL motoring and Downforce USA carbon fiber accents paired with IND's painted reflectors, gills and grilles complete the exterior for a clean and aggressive look. The end result is a uniquely styled, head-turning M3 with performance to match.

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