race catless x-pipe

  1. A Loud M3 Sedan on our Dyno

    While many of our customers prefer an exhaust system that lies somewhere between too quiet and too loud, some of our customers just want their M3 to sound like an untamed beast. So is the case with this Jet Black E90, which features the Macht Schnell Race Catless X-Pipe mated to a modified OEM muffler section. Essentially a twin resonated full straight-pipe system, this exhaust combination lets the S65 scream as loud as it wants. Also equipped with a pulley, tune and intake, this head-turning M3 recorded a run of 390whp SAE, which translates into the sought after 400whp mark in STD. Watch the video below to hear this unassuming Sedan give it everything it has.

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  2. Macht Schnell X-Pipe Installation

    While a slip-on exhaust system helps an M3 sound great and save some weight, it wont make any significant power gains. The stock x-pipe on the E9X M3, with its primary and secondary pairs of catalytic converters, is the most restrictive component of the exhaust system. The Macht Schnell Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe is a complete replacement and features a catless, high-flow resonated design for maximum power gains and optimal sound. This Mineral White E92 had us mate the Macht Schnell x-pipe to the MXP Mevius slip-on exhaust for a truly awesome sounding M3. Watch the video below to hear this beast for yourself!

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  3. New Vorsteiner GTS5 M3 Bumper

    Recently we have been very busy prepping several BMWs for Bimmerfest tomorrow. While we take a quick breather, we'd like to introduce Vorsteiner's GTS5 Front Bumper for E9X M3.

    Celebrating the final production of the famed BMW M3 series Vorsteiner has designed this special commemorative edition for the final farewell to this iconic car. A total of 75 units will be hand made to a limited group of customers.

    GTS5 Series means functionality meets design. Vorsteiner's designers and engineers are proud to finally release the ultimate line up for the M3 which has been under intensive development and testing with performance and track functionality at its core.

    The Vorsteiner GTS5 components consist of a fully carbon interchangeable add-on spoiler, made of our latest carbon fiber pre-preg autoclave. From the mighty air inlets on the front and corner apron, Vorsteiner's autoclaved pre-preg Carbon Fiber structure gives our parts superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites.

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