race seats

  1. 2005 Carbon Black E46 M3 - KW V3 & Sparco SPX

    2005 Carbon Black E46 M3 - KW V3 & Sparco SPX

    Upgrading your car's seats and suspension system are some of the most worthwhile modifications you can make. While a upgrade such as coilovers can dramatically change the way the car handles and feels on the road, in many ways, swapping out the seat is an even bigger change. Along with the steering wheel, pedals, and shift knob, the seat is a major touch point; one of the main ways (if not the main way) the driver interacts with a car. Most factory seats are a one-size-fits-all sort of deal and do not do the best job in keeping the driver in place during sportier driving. A good aftermarket seat with more aggressive bolstering would do better in keeping the driver in place under high performance driving, comfortably. The Sparco SPX is a good example of said type of seat.

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  2. Torque 88 Silverstone Metallic E92 M3

    Jam packed with many features, this Silverstone Metallic E92 M3 loves to hit the track. Typically, sitting on two different sets of wheels don’t give the best appearance, however this car can certainly pull it off with its TE37 SL wheels in the rear and Apex EC7 wheels in the front. Running a square setup of 285/30ZR18 with Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires front and back, this E92 without a doubt grips the road. Aiding in that grip is the APR Racing Front Lip Spoiler, rear diffuser, and the rear wing, when it’s on that is. On the trunk there are carbon fiber rear spoiler rail mounts that allow the wing to be taken on and off for before, during, and after the track day.

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  3. M3 Built for the Race Track

    We've seen this wild M3 at our shop a few times, but we finally had the chance to snap some photos during its most recent visit. Built primarily for the race track, this E92 features some top-quality performance parts, which include an Akrapovic GT4 titanium exhaust, forged Volk TE37 wheels, JRZ RS Pro coilovers, Brembo GT brakes and a full set of carbon fiber aero. Like most track cars this M3 is fitted with a pair of fixed-back race seats, a roll cage and a rear seat delete. In an attempt to shed ever more weight and add additional cooling, we swapped out the OEM aluminum hood for an ultra-light Seibon carbon fiber vented hood. While this M3 may look a bit too extreme for a lot of people's taste, it must be an absolute dream to thrash on a race track. Enjoy!

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