race trunk

  1. Howie's VF620 M3 Gets AP Racing Brakes

    The last time Howie brought his E90 M3 to us, we installed a VF620 supercharger system for a massive boost in power (620hp, 400tq). This time around we balanced the supercar power with a full set of AP Racing brakes for supercar stopping performance. These high performance brakes eliminate fade, improve pedal feel and look awesome while they're doing it.

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  2. Brilliant White M3 Sedan

    M3Post member biglare has one of the cleanest sedans around. Featuring the BMW individual finish, Brilliant White, this M3 pops just a little bit more than usual when you see it in person. Custom v-weave carbon fiber makes its way across the car, comprising the Challenge roof, Challenge diffuser, Challenge race trunk and mirror covers. Gloss black Volk Racing VR.G2 wheels show off the custom painted Brembo GT big brake kit directly behind. The stock exhaust system was replaced with an Eisenmann race muffler and Akrapovic GT4 catless x-pipe; we could hear him pulling onto our street from our offices! An ESS supercharger boosts the power to a proper level. The interior is ablaze with custom accents, from silver carbon fiber trim to a custom Alcantara dash and headliner.

    This car isn't just for show though; this M3 regularly sees the racetrack. Here's an M3 that is living it's life to the fullest:

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