1. S54 Powered E36 M3 on the Dyno

    As an M3 enthusiast, if you saw this particular E36 on the street, you'd probably be impressed with the condition it's in. After all, this M3 is pushing 18 years and yet it still has its glossy black paint, a clean interior and its original 17" wheels. However, nothing about this car would lead you to believe that it's hiding something special under its hood: an S54 power plant. Taken from an E46 M3, the high-revving 3.2L engine and 6-speed manual transmission have been seamlessly transplanted into this E36 for a huge increase in performance. On the dyno, this car proved it by recording a healthy 293whp, which is substantially more than the 240 crank hp of the original S50 engine! After the dyno session we had the opportunity to corner balance this M3, dialing in a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

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  2. Imola Red E46 S54 Wagon

    Here's an excellent reason why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. While station wagons are rarely considered performance cars, this particular Imola Red E46 has a special trick up its sleeve. It may have a hatchback, but underneath its deceiving exterior are the guts of an M3. Featuring the M3 engine, transmission, interior and suspension, the only things missing from this converted wagon are the badge and maybe some wider fender flares. Fitted with a set of BBS wheels, Brembo Brakes and set of coilovers, this E46 might even surpass a stock M3's handling performance. It isn't hard to imagine that this red wagon gets plenty of double takes on both the street and track.

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