1. Alpine White E92 M3 - Rod Bearing Service

    Preventative Maintenance Is The Best Maintenance

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  2. M4 Gets an S65 Heart Transplant

    When BMW introduced the new F8X M3 & M4, the world witnessed the demise of the naturally aspirated M car. While the S55 I6 twin turbo motor puts down substantially more power and torque than any of its M3 predecessors, there are still some purists who long for the iconic sound and linear power delivery of the high-revving S65 V8. This track-going customer is one of those purists. When we were asked if we could make an S65 M4 happen, we jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't the easiest engine swap we've performed, but we were able to complete the job just in time for April Fools Day. Enjoy!

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  3. 15 High Resolution BMW S65 V8 Wallpapers

    Now that BMW has ended production on the E9X M3 and moved on to the F8X platform, the high-revving S65 V8 has been relegated to the past. For those of you who are, like us, eternal fans of this legendary motor, you'll probably love these official BMW photos. Enjoy.

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