Our racecar building friends over at Racewerkz Engineering swung by our shop yesterday with their new Mineral White F80 M3 & Alpine White F82 M4. Naturally, the first order of business was to see how the M4 would do on our Dynojet dyno. Just like the Yas Marina Blue M3 we dynoed last week, this Alpine White M4 further proved that BMW has seriously underrated the F8X's horsepower claims. Even on a relatively hot and humid day for SoCal, the M4 recorded a very impressive 421whp and 410wtq STD. We didn't get a chance to dyno the M3, only because the motor was not yet broken-in.

Next, we put both of the cars on our scales. It probably had more to do with varying fuel levels than anything else, but the carbon ceramic brake optioned M3 weighed in at 3562lbs, while the M4 was only 17lbs heavier.

It was then time for some modifications. While the M4 chose to remain stock for now, we had the opportunity to install Macht Schnell 15mm front, 12mm rear wheel spacers and a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit on the M3. The spacers were just enough to give the M3 a proper stance, while the studs allow for quicker and easier wheel changes at the track. As always, we took a bunch of photos to show you nearly every step of the process. Enjoy.

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