seat shells

  1. Mineral White F80 M3 - Plug in Tunability

    In pursuit of a gain in power output from this M3s already very capable engine, we equipped it with an ESS Tuning E-Tronic Tuner. The E-Tronic Tuner instantly adds 50-60 wheel horsepower and wheel torque. Unlike other products on the market, the E-Tronic is a sophisticated multi-channel controller that has RPM and MAF integration. This allows for full control of boost at all RPM ranges and proper AFR calibrations. All of this without having to splice a single wire. Calibrations are pre-set so once the E-Tronic is installed; the car is ready to go.

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  2. A Beautiful Sakhir Orange F80 M3

    Carbon ceramic brakes: check. Carbonstructure cloth interior: check. 6SPD manual transmission: check. This Sakhir Orange M3 was built as driver's car, and that driver came to our facility for some upgrades. To get rid of the stock wheel gap and the sunken-in wheel look, we installed a set of H&R sport lowering springs in conjunction with some Macht Schnell spacers. Together they give this sedan its sporty and aggressive stance while improving its handling performance. Inside, we installed our new carbon fiber seat shells to go along with the OEM carbon fiber trim. The exterior has been fitted with the popular basics, including M Performance gloss black kidney grilles and side markers, along with IND color matched front and rear reflectors. The end result is a beautiful example of how the right modifications can bring an M car to the next level. Enjoy!

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