sport x-pipe

  1. Black Eisenmann Race Exhaust & Challenge Sport X-Pipe on E92 M3

    Wanting more power and an aggressive sound for his E92 M3, this customer came to us to get a full exhaust system and an ECU tune. Opting for the popular Eisenmann Race Exhaust gave this M3 the sporty, growling sound while the mated Challenge Sport X-Pipe freed up some lost power. To optimize the car for this new exhaust set-up we flashed the car with an ESS ECU Tune for even more power, torque and response. Take a look at the sound clip to hear this beast in action.

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  2. Laguna Seca Blue Challenge Sport X-Pipe Installation & Dyno

    This Laguna Seca Blue E92 M3 came to us today to get the Challenge Sport X-Pipe installed. Featuring full stainless steel construction, 2.5" piping, twin resonators and twin high-flow catalytic converters, this x-pipe dramatically reduces exhaust back-pressure without being too aggressive.

    Take a look at the dyno video to hear the new sound! Don't forget to scroll down to see some detailed x-pipe installation photos.

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