st coilovers

  1. ST Coilovers Installed on Alpine White E39 530i

    Fitted with a set of HRE C90 3-piece wheels, this super clean Alpine White 530i stopped by to get lowered. Wanting the ability to dial in a perfect ride height, this customer opted to have us install the popular ST Speedtech coilovers. Manufactured by KW, the ST coilovers feature preset settings that provide an optimal balance between performance and comfort, while also allowing for independent ride height adjustment. With it's new lowered stance, this E39 proves that even though a BMW might be a couple generations old, it can still look sporty and modern. Enjoy.

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  2. E46 330Ci Lowered on ST Coilovers

    This Jet Black E46 came to us for a suspension upgrade. Once on our lift, we swapped out the worn OEM shocks and springs and replaced them with a set of ST SpeedTech coilovers. Manufactured by KW, these affordable ST coilovers are ideal for street cars, as they provide a perfect balance between everyday comfort and high performance handling. With the new coilovers installed, this clean 330Ci sits at just the right ride height and gives off a sporty presence.

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  3. MINI John Cooper Works Lowered with ST Coilovers

    As it comes from the factory, the John Cooper Works is definitely one of the most fun-to-drive cars that money can buy. With that being said, there is always room for some improvement. In order to stiffen up the handling and lower the center of gravity of this White Silver Metallic R56, we installed the ST Suspensions Speedtech coilover system. Manufactured by KW, and essentially the same coilovers as the Variant 1 system, the height-adjustable ST Speedtech coilovers provide the perfect balance between performance and everyday comfort. With it's new suspension and sportier stance, this MINI is ready to be thrown around like a little go-kart.

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  4. Clean White E46 M3 on Magnesium Blue Volk TE37SL Wheels

    This super clean Alpine White E46 M3 is running with Volk TE37SLs in the beautiful Magnesium Blue finish (18x9.5 et22 front, 18x10.5 et22 rear) while dropped on a set of ST Coilovers. Not only does this car look great, but the lighter rotating mass of the wheels combined with the lower center of gravity, wider tires and the stiffer ride makes this M3 handle like a dream.

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  5. Black E82 135i w/ ST Coilovers & Berk Full Sport Exhaust

    This 135i came to our facility to have a set of ST Suspensions coilovers installed to both sharpen up the handling and give the car a sportier stance. As you can see from the pictures, the car was instantly transformed and given a much more aggressive look the second it came off our lift. To further improve the sportiness of this E82 we installed Berk Technology's popular full sport exhaust system, bringing this N55 to life.

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