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  1. Frozen Red Metallic E92 M3 - For The Show

    Offered in three different colors, frozen painted E92 M3 Coupes are quite rare, with only 150 Frozen Edition cars built for the US market in 2013. Among the three options, Frozen White is said to be easiest to find, followed by Frozen Blue, and the hardest Frozen Red. Of course the Frozen White is still a rare sight considering the number of E92s out there. Frozen edition cars like this came with a $15,400 premium over the base M3s, which seems pricey, but considering the $5000 paint job, $2500 competition package, EDC and DSC sport mapping, $4350 Premium Package, among other smaller upgrades like gloss black kidney grilles and black exhaust tips, the money is well put in to the car.

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  2. Alpine White M3 Convertible on the Dyno

    Compared to the coupes and sedans, modified M3 convertibles are pretty rare to come by. This Alpine White E93 dropped by our facility for some basic maintenance and a dyno session. Fitted with all the standard bolt-on power modifications, such as a tune, intake, pulley, track pipes and exhaust, this M3 put down 376hp and 271ft-lbs tq at the wheels. Quite a bit of work went into giving this vert a properly unique and aggressive exterior, from the super low stance, 20" wheels, gloss black accents, custom headlights, tinted taillights and carbon fiber all around. This M3 also sounds as mean as it looks, which gives onlookers twice the reason to turn their heads when it drives by. Enjoy!

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  3. Frozen Black M6 Gran Coupe

    Bruce Wayne probably wouldn't mind using this as his daily driver. Featuring a stunning Frozen Black paint job, this brand new M6 Gran Coupe has been fitted with some very cool modifications. Underneath the car, an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system sheds substantial weight and gives this menacing M6 the beastly sound that it deserves. Having been aggressively lowered on a set of KW V3 coilovers, the stock wheels just weren't going to cut it any more. Replacing them are these 20" BBS FIs, which do an excellent job of showcasing the massive carbon ceramic brakes. We enhanced the exterior by installing Arkym's full carbon fiber line-up, which includes the front lip, side skirts, diffuser and trunk spoiler; all of which are made with a 1x1 weave to perfectly match the OEM roof. Gloss black kidney grilles, side markers and color-matched front reflectors bring this F06 a few steps closer to being a stealth bomber. Enjoy!

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  4. Yas Marina Blue M4 on Matte Black GTS Wheels

    Prior to picking up this beautiful Yas Marina Blue M4, this long time customer of ours had us build his Alpine White E92 M3. When he made the switch to the F82, he took his matte black BMW 359 GTS wheels with him. They may weigh a bit more than the M4's stock 19" wheels, but boy do they look awesome! To make this M4 look even meaner, we obviously installed the gloss black kidney grilles, side markers and paint-matched front reflectors. We then installed the very popular H&R sport lowering springs in conjunction with 15mm/12mm Macht Schnell wheel spacers and a 75mm stud conversion kit.

    The next order of business was strapping this M4 to our dyno to get a baseline reading. With the temperatures reading over 100° F in our warehouse, the dyno numbers were a tad lower than usual, but we solved the problem by installing a pair of BMC high performance air filters. With the new filters installed and the OEM charcoal filters removed, we saw a solid jump of 12hp at the wheels, pushing this car into 400whp SAE territory in hot weather. Take a few minutes to look over this stunning example of an M4.

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  5. Yas Marina Blue M3 on Burning Red Volk TE37RT Wheels

    The Yas Marina Blue F80 M3 is back! This time it was fitted with a set of Burning Red 18" TE37RT wheels, which were taken off the owner's previous E92 M3. He's still not sure on whether or not he likes the color combo, so we'll probably be seeing a new set of wheels on this car very soon. This F80 was also equipped with the new H&R sport lowering spring kit, which in combination with the new wheels, gave it the perfect stance. on While it was at our facility, we ran it on the dyno, installed a 75mm Macht Schnell stud conversion kit, and tidied up the exterior with some iND painted goodies. Take a quick look at this clean, yet one-of-a-kind M3.

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  6. Alpine White M3 on Hyper Blue TE37SLs

    While the Volk TE37SLs are one of the most popular wheel choices we see on M3s, these are probably the first we've seen in this Hyper Blue finish. And, wow, they really do pop on this Alpine White E92! Wanting a more aggressive offset from these 19" Volks, this customer had us install 10mm Macht Schnell wheel spacers in both the front and rear. While we were at it, we also went ahead and installed a Macht Schnell 75mm stud conversion paired with neochrome Project Kics R40 lug nuts. Underneath the car we swapped out the restrictive stock exhaust for a full stainless steel system, comprised of an Eisenmann Race muffler mated to a Challenge Street X-Pipe. For additional power gains, this 6SPD M3 has been fitted with a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake under its hood. Like many cars that come through here, an iND painted cosmetic package gives the finishing touches to this clean, eye-catching M3. Enjoy.

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  7. Mineral White M3 & Alpine White M4

    Our racecar building friends over at Racewerkz Engineering swung by our shop yesterday with their new Mineral White F80 M3 & Alpine White F82 M4. Naturally, the first order of business was to see how the M4 would do on our Dynojet dyno. Just like the Yas Marina Blue M3 we dynoed last week, this Alpine White M4 further proved that BMW has seriously underrated the F8X's horsepower claims. Even on a relatively hot and humid day for SoCal, the M4 recorded a very impressive 421whp and 410wtq STD. We didn't get a chance to dyno the M3, only because the motor was not yet broken-in.

    Next, we put both of the cars on our scales. It probably had more to do with varying fuel levels than anything else, but the carbon ceramic brake optioned M3 weighed in at 3562lbs, while the M4 was only 17lbs heavier.

    It was then time for some modifications. While the M4 chose to remain stock for now, we had the opportunity to install Macht Schnell 15mm front, 12mm rear wheel spacers and a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit on the M3. The spacers were just enough to give the M3 a proper stance, while the studs allow for quicker and easier wheel changes at the track. As always, we took a bunch of photos to show you nearly every step of the process. Enjoy.

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  8. Tasteful M3 Sedan on Umber Gray ZCP Wheels

    Now here's a fantastic example of an M3 that is both unmistakably unique and tastefully built. Featuring refinished Umber Gray ZCP wheels (wrapped in wide AD08 tires) and a KW adjustable sleeve-over lowering kit, this E90 has certain "motorsport" look to it. Take a closer look at the wheels and you'll see some nice little details like a Macht Schnell stud conversion kit along with Project Kics R40 lug nuts. A sensible dosage of carbon fiber, found in the front splitters, front CRT lip spoiler, mirrors and trunk spoiler, provides the Alpine White exterior with a bit of contrast. The interior also features carbon fiber pieces, as well as a BMW Performance steering wheel, shift knob and e-brake handle. Gloss black kidney grilles and Alpine White side markers, both painted by iND, along with a matte black AE Performance exhaust system provide the finishing touches to this elegant M3.

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  9. Space Gray E92 M3 on Matte Gray TE37s

    We've seen these sweet Matte Gray TE37s on some other M cars here before, but we really like how they look on our Space Gray E92. For some reason, the classic TE37 spoke design combined with the aggressive fitment of these wheels works incredibly well on the E9X body. The shade of paint on the wheels is nearly identical to the shade of paint of the car, but the contrast between the matte and gloss finishes makes the wheels pop! Combined with the drop provided by the KW Clubsport coilovers, this M3's low and wide stance really gives off an aggressive presence.

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  10. A Loud M3 Sedan Gets Supercharged

    This 2008 Alpine White M3 came to us for a big boost in performance. First and foremost on this sedan's list: an ESS VT2-625 supercharger system. Before installing the supercharger, this very loud M3 recorded almost 370whp & 275wtq equipped with an AFE intake, Eisenmann Race muffler and Gintani catless X-pipe. After the supercharger was installed, we saw almost 560whp and 365wtq! With all this new found power, it was time to change up the wheels and suspension too. We installed a set of 18" Volk TE37SLs wrapped in stick Hankook Ventus RS-3 tires and the KW adjustable lowering spring sleeve-over kit. These will enable this beastly M3 to put down its power. Listen to this sedan doing a run on our Dynojet below.

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