Although slightly dated, the highly enhanced E46 body looks fantastic in all lighting conditions. The chunky arches hinting at the performance motor sitting underneath the hood bulge, the 4 subtle exhaust tips stemming from the rear, and the aggressive front bumper shown by the bottom eyelids, gives even non-car enthusiasts an idea of what the car is about. Being used like the car should, this Carbon Black E46 was in need of rear subframe reinforcement. With the entire rear underside being removed, it was a great time to upgrade all of the bushings to brand new Powerflex bushings which would ensure the prevention of any unnecessary sounds or wear from appearing from the rear for a long time.

With the newly reinforced rear subframe, this E46 was ready to get back in to action, with its powerful StopTech brake kit. There is no doubt that this M3 look good with its bronze coated M wheels, carbon front splitters, and unique yellow headlight lens covers.

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