turner challenge

  1. E9X Exhaust Shootout!

    Saturday morning on November 14, 2015, European Auto Source served as host to an E9X Meet and Exhaust Shootout! M3 owners from various regions attended the event either rolling in on their own or with a caravan formed at the crack of dawn and taking a nice, low traffic, morning cruise to the event. M3s of all colors and builds were in attendance ranging from full stock to intense race or show builds. Beginning the event with the revving of an E93 with a stock system, the benchmark was set for all the exhaust systems to come. Megan Racing catback and axleback systems seemed to be a favorite but systems from a wide range of manufactures were present. These manufacturers included RPI, IPE, Megan Racing, M Performance, Akrapovic, Macht Schnell, Turner, Active, Meisterchaft, Dinan, Eisenmann, Magnaflow, Unique, ARK, TopSpeed, Challenge, Armytrix, Remus, and American Racing.

    After hearing all the cars from both parked and rolling positions, it’s hard to decide just what exhaust would be the choice option. Each system is unique and delivers different performance, sound, and looks. Stay tuned for an exhaust comparison video!

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  2. Our VF620 M3 takes 1st Place in Tuner Challenge at MFest VI!

    The BMW Tuner Challenge Shootout is a tuner-only time attack series that has been in place since 2010 at Las Vegas Speedway during MFest VI. EAS was one of the chosen teams to receive an invitation to compete at the event in their 2011 BMW VF620 Supercharged M3 and driver Jordan Yost. The EAS crew headed out to Las Vegas Speedway for the third time this year, where Yost and the EAS VF620 Supercharged M3 were able to take victory.

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