1. Jet Black E92 M3 - ESS Tuning G1 Supercharger System

    Jet Black E92 M3 - ESS Tuning G1 Supercharger System

    Our E92 M3 project is now a host to the new ESS Tuning G1 Intercooled Supercharger System! Prior the the install of the supercharger, the only mechanical modification done to the S65 of our M3 were Macht Schnell Bypass Track Pipes and a Macht Schnell Stage 2 Intake Charge Kit. Bolting on the G1 supercharger with the 96.5mm pulley had our M3 go from 377 WHP/279 WTQ to a whopping 548 WHP/366 WTQ! Dyno sheets are near the bottom of the of this post.

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  2. ESS Tuning S65 G1 & G1+ Intercooled Supercharger Systems

    ESS Tuning S65 G1 & G1+ Intercooled Supercharger Systems

    ESS Tuning is a name that has become synonymous with uncompromised performance in the BMW world. With over 2000 S65 supercharger systems sold since 2008, ESS's E9X M3 S65 supercharger kit is by far the most popular BMW supercharger system worldwide. The ESS G1 intercooled Supercharger System produces a massive 150-180whp gain from stock depending on fuel used and exhaust system installed. It is supplied with both 91AKI/95RON and 93AKI/98RON pulleys as standard. ESS G1+ users can expect a 180-220whp gain over stock depending on fuel quality and pulley used.

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  3. 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTs

    The AMG GTs is a remarkable piece of German engineering, with its handcrafted AMG 4.0L Biturbo V8 Engine, 7-speed AMG Speedshift DCT Transmission, Limited-Slip Differential, unique interior, and so on. Mercedes vehicles are known for their class and elegance, especially on the inside. This GTs does not disappoint, showing off its exclusive Nappa leather with Dinamica upholstery seats and many carbon fiber components. Packed with technology, the AMG GTs not only lets the driver control various smaller components on the car, but also the way the car drives. 4 different shift modes are driver selectable, from extreme comfort to sport plus, but then there is a race mode which enables the most direct response from the powertrain as well as a race launch feature.

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