valencia orange

  1. Valencia Orange E82 1M on our Dyno

    Seeing only one year of production, the smallest member of the M series is one of the rarer BMWs in recent times. Seeing this cleanly modified Valencia Orange 1M on our dyno was a treat for us. Equipped with exhaust, suspension, cosmetic parts and wheels, this E82 was ready to tie everything together with a tune. After flashing an ESS tune to the car's ECU, this 1M picked up an additional 21hp and 30tq for a total of 370hp and 413hp at the wheels. With its short wheel base, wide stance, low weight and loads of torque, this 1M can pick fights with cars twice its size.

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  2. Valencia Orange E82 1M on HRE P43S Wheels

    Here's one of the first examples that shows the potential of the new 1M Coupe. With only a few visual modifications, this 1M has been transformed into a more serious and an even more aggressive sports car.

    As is always the case, the HRE Performance wheels fit brilliantly, pushed right out to the edge of the wide fenders. The KW V3 coil overs have dialed out all of the excess wheel gap while stiffening up the ride for a more spirited driving style. IND did a custom, color-matched paint job on the kidney grills and fender gills, helping to create a more streamlined (and less chromed!) appearance.

    We think this newest addition to the M family is one of the coolest cars around and we're excited to see what sort of modified 1Ms come though our doors. What do you think?

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